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Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Tap Into Wealth NOW!


Would you like to attract unlimited abundance and prosperity into your life?

My friend Peggy McColl will show you how to do it—right NOW (and you can find out for a little more than ten bucks)!  Peggy recently spoke on my The Daily Work Teleseminar Intensive and was absolutely dynamite. AND she talked about the value of this amazing little $10 book… how she use the same ideas to completely change her life. I reviewed it as "a workbook for the Law of Attraction."

She gives you a remarkable and absolutely effective way to tap into the abundance that is available to you.

I endorse her book 100%.

I strongly urge you to read the letter below for more on what Dr. Joe Vitale calls "an easy process to experience more abundance in your life starting today"—no matter what’s going on!


* * *

Hi There,

Why do we live without the things we desire most?

It’s incredibly sad to think that the majority of the population lives in “lack”.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Abundance is available for everyone.  It is certainly available for you.  Did you know that you were born rich?  Well, it’s true and Peggy McColl will reveal this shocking truth to you.

New York Times Best-Selling Author Peggy McColl has just released a powerful and revealing new book 21 Distinctions of Wealth with the appropriate subtitle: “Attract the Abundance You Deserve.”

This is a breakthrough book that can change the way you feel about money and help you engage in the powerful force that is already inside of you to draw to you that which you desire. 

Is it really that simple?  Let Peggy McColl give you these profound 21 Distinctions of Wealth and you’ll discover for yourself just how simple it really is.

This means that no matter what your present financial situation, and no matter what has occurred in the past, the opportunity for you is right now – NOW you can make positive adjustments to help you turn your financial situation around for the better.

This is a huge breakthrough in wealth consciousness. That’s why when I took at a look at this, I exclaimed, "Oh my! This will change the world."

This book is destined to become a classic and quite likely will appear on every desk… in every office…every school…every nightstand. It should also be in the hands of everyone you know.

You see… author Peggy McColl has created a simple system for you to attract more abundance into your life—starting immediately. 

Do you want to know the secret to attracting more abundance?  Peggy McColl has the answer for you in 21 Distinctions of Wealth.

Up until now, most books on wealth creation have overlooked the powerful forces available inside each of us that you can use to manifest all that you desire. 

In 21 Distinctions of Wealth, Peggy clearly explains time-tested principles for creating wealth, providing guidance on how to alter your behaviors and emotions to actually change the nature of your relationship with the powerful stream of abundance that you can tap into at any time.

As Peggy McColl demonstrates in her new book, you can actually transform your energy vibration and send a clear message to the Universe that you’re ready to claim your financial birthright.

Best of all— the Universe’s response to the modifications you make internally can be startlingly quick!

It’s not enough, though, to simply understand what sets those who are already enjoying a rich and plentiful life apart from those who are weighed down by a feeling of lack.  Peggy offers you practical and proven advice on how to apply these 21 Distinctions of Wealth and become a money magnet—starting now!

I’m so convinced that this book can change your experience with money in the most glorious of ways!

When you invest in one copy today, you will receive…

* Immediate access to the downloadable version of Peggy’s double CD program called Magnet for Money

* A 3-minute video you can play on your computer to rewire your brain for more abundance

Plus, a plethora of valuable wealth-related bonus gifts AND you get the chance to win some amazing prizes!

This is more than a book!

As a goal-achieving coach, Peggy realized that having wealth is an important goal for many people.  She wanted people to learn and understanding how to attract wealth into their lives because everyone deserves it— and that includes YOU!

She was inspired to write 21 Distinctions of Wealth because she personally found it extremely helpful for her own success to work with a “system” to embed these powerful beliefs into every fiber of her being….a way to make these distinctions a part of everyday life.  Therefore, Peggy has delivered a unique way to have YOU experience these distinctions every single day with her unique system.

and to make you even more “rich”…

…More than 100 authors and new thought leaders will give you wealth-related bonuses that support you having a wonderful, rich life of abundance and peace. (These alone are valued at more than $3000!) Including yours truly, Jennifer McLean.

Through these additional resources, you will understand how to be richer and raise your level of abundance from so many perspectives that it would be nearly impossible for you not to radically improve your life!

Order your book right now by going to:

To Your Abundant Future,

Margarete Nielsen
Director of Marketing
Hay House, Inc.
Zealous fan of 21 Distinctions of Wealth

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Abundance Quotient

My talk tonight with Kim George, creator of The Abundance Quotient model was inspiring and offered some really practical wisdom. Kim’s "Truth or Dare" technique is a real blessing and one that you can implement each day.

It basically asks you to notice and pay attention to what obstacles may be in your way then ask into it with two questions: 1) What proof or evidence do I have that this is true today? The key word is today, if you jump into that story of what your parents/sister/neighbor did to you when you were 12, as your evidence… you can see almost immediately that is not true of today. There is now that opening to realize that your behavior today has nothing to do with that incident of the past… it is long over. I would add… Acknowledge that the incident from your past did happened, accept it, thank yourself that you used todays challenging behaviors as a coping mechanism for that memory and release it. The second question is how has this way of thinking served me? Is this fear, anger, blame, victimhood serving you now? Simply by inquiring you have the chance to see the truth of you now.

There is so much more rich content in what Kim discussed with me, if you haven’t signed up for the Healing with the Masters Teleseminar Intensive you can still do so and its FREE! and you can listen to the recording until Friday.

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Abraham Hicks Rampage of Invincibility

This is a wonderful 6 minute "rampage" form Abraham about what all of us are working at with this creating thang. All you have to do is listen and you will be filled up. Enjoy!


FYI, I just redid the Recession Meditation and added another 10 minutes, I also re-mastered the sound. If you are having ANY challenges at all with money, invest in this one, it will help you discover those internal blocks to abundance.

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Prosperity Game – Checks

Tonight was another banner call with Law of Attraction Expert Eva Gregory.  Eva offered some sound practical insights into how to
apply the Law of Attraction from her two books The Feel Good Guide to
and her new book just out co-authored with Jack Canfield (of
The Secret and Chicken Soup for the Soul) Life Lessons For
Mastering the Law of Attraction
She offered some great techniques and
exercises you can do right now to help get into the flow of attracting what you
want. Her own story of turning her flailing company around and attracting a
buyer out of the blue was magical, and her energetic and enthusiastic
presentation was contagious. If you were unable to make the call you don’t want
to miss it. You can still sign up and listen in to Eva’s cal until Friday AM at (its FREE!).

We also talked about the Prosperity Game from Abraham Hicks and as promised you can click here (RIGHT click and "Save As…") to download this PDF. I created these checks for myself to use each day to spend the daily money as part of the prosperity game. I made a few adjustments and are making them available for you to use for your own Prosperity game. Just download them print them out (you will have to cut them). Know that these are NOT real checks they are just to be used to purchase your pretend products and put yourself in the new thinking place of abundance.

It works like this… each day you receive $1000+ and you have to spend ALL your money each day. So day one you get $1000 and have to spend it all, day two it is $2000, day three is $3000 day 20 is $20,000 day 60 is $60,000… you get the idea. Each day the money expands you have to spend the whole amount. As you shop online and find the things that you will be able to spend this "money" on you will put yourself in a whole new framework of abundance. Now each time you write a check FEEL the feelings of having that item, bring it into your soul into your body and fully feel it. That is the Prosperity Game.

The other thing you can do is, as you shop and write checks for the items you want, print the items out and put them in your treasure chest or you dream box or start  using them as a treasure map. It is a lot of fun and puts you in a good mood.

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Using Emotions to Get What You Want

Last Tuesday April 15 we had a big crowd participate in the inaugural The Daily Work call with New York Times Best selling author of Your Destiny Switch, Peggy McColl. It is an amazing book that really teaches you about understanding and leveraging your emotions to then “switch” them into the positive, andEmotions_faces
therefore pulling your life into the flow of good rushing toward you. She also covered her new book Twenty One distinctions of Wealth, another important book that will help you to habituate yourself to wealth.

Besides the great insights and content Peggy offered, one of the thing I noticed with her, and many spiritual leaders, is their vigilant commitment to working on themselves. They buy the newest books read voraciously listen to multitudes of CDs attend workshops, go on cruises and apply many, many techniques each day. They are at it all the time. Now I ask you, how much if your time is spent on efforts to creating the life you want? The caveat is of course visualizing, feeling then LETTING GO, not hanging on for dear life to your dreams. Your dreams need the space to grow and manifest.

There were a lot of questions that came through the webcast, and I would like take a couple of days each week to blog and answer some of those questions as this 12 week Healing With The Masters Intensive progresses.

[If you haven’t signed up yet it is absolutely free and runs on Tuesday nights 7PM Eastern through to July 1. AND if you can’t make Tuesdays a recorded version will be available for 48 hours to listen in after the fact. PLUS there is an interactive webcast so international participants don’t have to worry about long distance calls and you can ask questions in the moment.]

Here is a good question that came from the Webcast form:

    “I am presently in debt, should I PAY a consultant or a life coach to help me, using money I don’t have? Isn’t that digging the hole deeper?”

Peggy’s answer was to be careful where you spend your money if it is tight, but to do what feels right and best to further your dreams. I use a method to go inside the body and determine what “Yes” feels like and compare that to what “No” feels like. If you check out Yes and feel into your body all the qualities of Yes, you will be able to really start sensing it a little more each time you explore this sensation. It is like growing the “Yes muscle.” Then feel what No feels like by comparison. So, if you are tight on money and want to invest in a program or book, go inside and feel your answer. Notice that guilt feels different than no or yes. If it feels like yes then do it, commit to it whole heartedly. If it is yes ignore the guilt go to the feelings of having what you want and dote on those feelings until you have changed your guilt into this new feeling of yes.

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Attract Wealth!

I was honored to be a part of an amazing and somewhat spontaneous program on Tuesday night that lasted over 2 hours. Joe Vitale and Mark Ryan hosted a call with the speakers that will be presenting at their Attract Wealth Retreat the first weekend in May. You can listen in too (see link below).

There were over 4300 souls clamoring to get onto the Attract Wealth training teleseminar… What a magical call. Each of the teachers on the program offered concrete techniques that could be applied immediately and it was offered by each with such grace and love. I was so honored to be a part of this group and contribute my insights on the vibration of emotions and trauma and how to release that and attract more of the good stuff.  I am also looking forward to the in-person seminar coming up in Austin the first of May (I think there are a less than dozen spots left so sign up now if you are interested). If you are going please let me know in advance so I will be sure to look for you and say hello.

Joe was so generous to offer this two hour call as a free gift, I wanted to share it with you as well. This one is a keeper and will go down as an important event for any who listen, so take the time, get comfortable, take notes and attract wealth! Here is the download link:   

It was interesting the recession came up several times
ast night (in reference to the importance of not
buying into it). Last week I had just finished a new soul song product about
that very topic and thought this might be good time to introduce it to you. It
is unique even for me :)

Recession Proof Your Beliefs…

…with a special "anti-recession" meditation and Soul Song of the Global Economy.

I was guided to journey to the essence of the “Global Economy.” I was amazed that there was even such a thing. But because so much energy is directed to “the economy” it is in fact an essence. What I discovered is that there is no lack here, just abundance… and it is available to all who can tap into it. So I heard the melody and recorded it and knew I had to share it with you. As you listen to the meditation and soul song of the Global Economy you will help in healing the economy by healing your internal beliefs about recession, and in turn create a new found and deep seated "knowing" about your own abundance potential. The meditation follows my system of internal dialoging offered in Joe Vitale’s book The Key, and by the end of the meditation when you hear the word “recession” now you will be triggered to think of abundance. That is a GREAT way to overcome thoughts of recession huh? So go here and check it out I think you will enjoy this one.

EXTRAS – FREE teleseminar, Healing with the Masters!
I am also offering a new teleseminar series: Healing with the Masters The Daily Work. Sign up to hear New York Times best seller Peggy McColl the first guest next Tuesday for the F*R*E*E. 12 of the best known names in new thought and wellness offering the secret techniques they have use to get to the heights of achievement, release and realignment. And it is completely f*ree!

This once in a lifetime 12 week event is valued at $579 but Jennifer is offering this program for a limited time ABSOLUTELY FR*EE, PLUS she is giving away bonus gifts worth over $200 just for signing up for this complimentary series.

You can experience first hand LIVE in-depth interviews with twelve of the top names in spirituality and wellness today. Her speakers will be teaching you cutting edge healing and wellness techniques such as:

•    using the LAW OF ATTRACTION to its absolute maximum
•    identifying powerful SELF-HEALING TECHNIQUES that you can use each and every day
•    finding the source of your own troublesome INTERNAL BLOCKS…AND FULLY RELEASE them
•    mastering super effective techniques for CLEARING PAST TRAUMA
•    implementing new healing practices that will allow you to VISUALIZE AND CREATE YOUR DREAMS
•    how to HELP not only yourself, but YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS AND YOUR COMMUNITY as well

nd here is what impressed me the most, her line up of speakers is exceptional, you will be hearing from some of the most renowned new thought experts on the planet…

James and Salle Redfield creator of The Celestine Prophesy vision (books, movies etc.)
Dr Eric Pearl of The Reconnection the renowned and miraculous healer
Lynn Andrews who spent 1.5 years on the New York Times best seller list with her book Medicine Woman and is a 25 year veteran of shamanism and metaphysics
Mark Joyner, Simpelology founder (in the NY Time bestseller list as well) and Internet Marketing guru
Anodea Judith, Renowned author and speaker with 5 books and over ½ million in print, in 12 languages
Dee Wallace well known Actress (portrayed the mother in the Spielberg movie ET) and healer who invented the I~M System of healing
Peggy McColl, New York Times best seller author of Your Destiny Switch
Eva Gregory,  LOA specialist and radio personality (recently wrote a book with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen)
David Riklan, author and founder of portal (the largest health and wellness portal on the web)
Kim George inventor of the remarkable Abundance Quotient Abundance IQ system

The Daily Work Intensive begins this Tuesday, April 15 at 7PM Eastern/NY, so put this in your calendar now!

Seats are limited, reserve your place early…

If you can’t make Tuesdays, register anyway…all calls will be recorded AND you can listen in by phone or through webcasting (NO long-distance telephone calls required!). If you miss one can hear the recording for 24 – 48 hours…but only if you register!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Joe Vitale's "The Key" AND California Fires


I sit in wonder at the events occurring around me with the Southern California fires. I took a few pictures of the fire that was in the hills right behind my home (available on my Facebook site) and there is a video of that fire taken by my friend who lives across from me. While I am safe and sound these occurrences are always a time of refection and time for payer for those who are currently in the thick of things. Please take a moment today to send a blessing for ease, effortless and safety as the folks in San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles County manage their circumstances. (I will be writing more about this in the next couple of days)

Joe Vitale’s The KeyCover


Joe launched his new book The Key, and now is your chance to experience this great new book AND receive a ton of bonus items simply for purchasing. FYI, I have been included in this book with a contributed chapter offering two exercises to clear and release the old beliefs and caked
on energy debris to open you up to the flow of your dreams. I am also offering some bonus items (I am the first on the list) as part of Joe’s offer.

Following is a message from Joe:

Come on, does the Law of Attraction
work or not?"

"Why does it seem to work some times but not *all* the time?"

Why is there at least one stubborn problem in my life that just won’t go away, even when
I throw all the self-help methods at it?"
"Is ‘The Secret’ hope or hype?"

I keep hearing those questions. Maybe you are asking them.
I’ve addressed all of them in my latest book,
"The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting
Anything You Want."

Before you rush out to get the book today from
or from
or from your local book store, let’s look at why
"The Key" is important to you.

Truth is, "The Key" explains what I regard as the fundamental error in virtually all self-help programs.
In short –
*Anything* will work when you are in alignment
with your goals.
*Nothing* will work until you get in alignment
with your goals.
"Alignment" means your conscious and un-conscious
mind want the same thing.

Most people are not in alignment with what they
say they want, so they end up blaming their lack
of results on everything from the movie they watched,
the book they read, the therapist they saw, the self-help
program they tried, and so on.
But the real problem isn’t out there.
The real problem requires inner "clearing" work.
How do you get in alignment so you can have, do, or
be virtually anything?
How do you get your conscious intent and your
un-conscious counter-intent to agree?
How do you "get clear" once and for all?

With "The Key.""The Key" is the missing secret to knowing how to
consciously co-create circumstances.
It’s the final piece to the puzzle.
Get the book from this link and also get freebies:
If you know you can achieve more but can’t
seem to make it happen, "The Key" reveals
the psychological and unconscious limitations
that are holding you back.
Inside every person — yes, even you — are
subconscious "counter-intentions" that can
sabotage you and prevent you from getting
what you truly want.
Why else would you declare on New Years Day
your intention to go to the gym more often but
by the third day of the new year you can’t recall
where the gym is located?
Your un-conscious counter-intention was
stronger than your conscious intention.
"The Key" reveals ten proven ways to remedy this
situation, aligning your conscious and subconscious
beliefs once and for all.

Actress Jessica Biel said, "For those of us who loved The Attractor Factor and The Secret, Joe has
done it again. The Key is the how-to book that makes
the ‘law of attraction’ come alive!"
Actress Cathy Lee Crosby said, "Joe Vitale’s energy
and enthusiasm for life jumps off every page of his new
book, The Key. He leaves no stone unturned in explaining
exactly how to attract everything you want in your life. The
words ‘I love you’ have taken on a whole new meaning.
Get "The Key" from this link and also get cool bonuses –

Still not sure if you should go get the book right now?Then let me be a little more in your face about this,
so you truly get how important this book is to you.
As you know, I’m in the movie "The Secret" as well
as "The Opus" and "Try It On Everything."
I’ve been on Larry King’s television show twice.
I’ve been in The New York Times and Newsweek.
I’ve stood my ground and declared that the Law of
Attraction is a law, and that everything you are
getting is coming to you because of what *you*
are doing inside yourself.
You may be doing it un-consciously, but you’re doing it.

Many people don’t like to hear this, because it means you are 100% responsible for your life.
But if you want to change, if you want to attract
more of what you prefer, then it’s time to wake up.
My mission is to awaken the world with the message
that there is a missing secret to success.
It’s "The Key."
"The Key" is for YOU.
Please get it, read it, and use it.
Use it to help yourself…use it to help your family and
friends…use it to help the planet.

Or –Or don’t get it and don’t use it and keep wondering
why some people are reporting miracles using the
Law of Attraction and others think it’s all nonsense.
Who is right?
Find out for yourself.
Get the book and your bonuses from here -

Expect Miracles.




Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Ho’oponopono and the New Spiritual Principles

I have been behind in my posts of late. I have been busy
finishing The Big Book of You. It is an
exciting yet time-crunched time and I apologize for my absence. I will work at
posting more in the coming weeks as I build up to my launch (tentatively
scheduled for Dec 10, 2007—guaranteed Christmas delivery!).

I have been doing a speaking series at Sangha Center for
Spiritual Living called Ho’oponopono and the New Spiritual
. I am two weeks into this great 9-week series and we are
having so much fun. Last night I talked about EFT and the Sedona Method as well
as the healing release technique I developed (that is included in Joe
Vitale’s book The Key
as a
contributed chapter authored by me). The original talk I did about this is available
at my last

Each of these techniques discussed at my talk last night encourages
exploration of emotions as a path to release. Feeling your feelings is truly
the key here. Being with your body and experiencing what you are feeling creates
space. The observer effect found in quantum physics applies here, by simply
noticing and acknowledging what you are feeling emotionally and physically
comes the opportunity to release. This doesn’t mean going into it like primal
scream therapy (that simply reinstates the trauma) but observing and “asking
into” your body; meaning ask what is there, why it is there and what it needs.  Then using what we perceive to be the
challenging feelings to release the old caked on energy blocks as well as using
the so called positive emotions (there are really no good or bad emotions) to
feel the gratitude and open ourselves to our dreams.

Miscellaneous Announcements: 

  • If you are interested, you can pre-order The Big Book of You by clicking here there will be special gifts to those who pre-order! 
  • Also Joe has a great intro video to his new book The Key just click here and scroll down. 
  • Soul Song Retrieval: The Soul Song purchasers seem to be enjoying their Personal Soul Songs,
         they have told me they are feeling the essence of their origins and finding healing and balance (and abundance and new found happiness as well). For a limited time I will throw in my new Tonal Healing Session
    to go with your Soul Song (see next item for details on Toning
         Sessions). This bonus gift won’t be included on the Soul Song Retrieval site, so mention that you saw it here and it is
  • Download you free Soul Song of the Earth. The "Soul Song of the Earth" is just that the soul melody of the
    earth. When you listen to this CD you have the opportunity to assist with the healing of the earth. By listening to the earth’s true melody you participate in sensing the perfect original vibration of the earth and allow her to remember that once again. It allows you to find a deeper reflected truth about who you are on this earth plane. It also offers a Ho’oponopono version for those who have been exploring Joe Vitale’s new book Zero Limits. 
  • Tonal Healing: I recently created a Heart Tonal Healing that is helping clear the heart and open up to intimacy and true love. It comes with a meditation, the heart toning healing session, as well as a Ho’oponopono version (all for just $10!): As I mentioned in my last email, for just $40 I will also perform a customized toning session that will open you in ways that few other modalities can address. Go to for more info. There you will find an AMAZING video of manadalas formed out of sound, it is quite confounding, and amazing evidence of the power of sound.

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits Ho’oponopono is HERE

I am VERY Excited to announce that Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits about Ho’oponopono book is now available AND if you click on the links below you will receive hundreds of dollars in free gifts (including some from me!). I will be posting a review about the book a little later this week, for now take it upon yourself to learn about Ho’oponopono, one of the most important systems of self discovery and healing I have come across. I do it daily in as many moments as I think of it, and it has already changed my life.

Here is what Joe sent me…

Forget hitting #1 on Amazon.

What’s higher than that?


Let’s make people sit up and take notice about this mind expanding book called "Zero Limits."

Let’s make it go *higher* than #1 on Amazon. What does that mean?

Beats me.

But let’s find out.

Go here and grab copies (and your gifts)and give the copies as "seeds" to schools, churches, prisons, libraries, bus stops, hospitals, family, friends, clients, kids, and anyone else you can think of.

Let’s spread the power of "I love you."

You’ll get over $300 in freebies, including magazine subscription, audio, video, e-books, and much more.

And of course you’ll get the book with all the buzz around it: "Zero Limits."

The book has already been an Amazon bestseller three times — twice before it was even published, due to pre-orders.

And the 5-star reviews are coming in fast –Peter Michel said, "You just set off an atomic bomb in the consciousness of man. Nothing will be the same again. ‘The Secret’ was nothing compared to this. Hold onto your hat."

Dr. Marc Gitterle said, "There is real potential for this book to start a movement that will end war, poverty and the environmental devastation of our beloved planet."

Best-selling author Debbie Ford said, "This riveting book can awaken humanity."

Maverick marketer Craig Perrine said, "This book is like a stick of dynamite and the moment you start reading the fuse is lit."

BluBlocker’s Joseph Sugarman said, "’Zero Limits’ is Joe Vitale’s adventure into the most mind-altering reading experience of your life."

Not *everyone* loves the book, of course. Some people think it’s hype and hooey.

Well, is it?

Find out for yourself instead of relying on the biased opinions of others (including mine).

Get the book (and your gifts) at —

Even if you already have the book, surely you know one or two people who would welcome a copy as a gift from you.

Please forward this note to family and friends, post it on blogs, email it to your lists, and in any and every other way help get the inspiring

message of "Zero Limits" out to the world. The book describes the three stages of awakening, and I would love for the majority of the world to enter stage three.

What is stage three?

Get the book and find out.

Expect Miracles.

I love you,

PS -  You can get more details about the book,including how to get audios of the first seminar based on the ideas in the book, at -

PPS — "Zero Limits" is now on itunes (in the Audio Books section) and will soon be on CDs.


Dr. Joe Vitale

"Aude aliquid dignum" *

Author of way too many books to mention, including the bestsellers "The Attractor Factor,"Life’s Missing Instruction Manual" and ooohhh so many more, including the forthcoming head spinner: "Zero Limits" and then "The Key." [JENN: I have contributed a chapter to this one]


Member BBB Online 2007

* 16th century Latin: "Dare something worthy"

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Inspired Action and Ho’oponopono

I loved the Dona
Nobis Pacem program that Mimi Writes
put together (and the post it bought
out in me) so much I decided to leave it up a little longer than normal… so now I am
back at more regular posts. It received almost a dozen comments so it had the
same impact on you as it had on me.

This past week I learned an important lesson about inspired
action and holding the intention of strengthening my “feeling muscle” for what
I love to do. As most of you know I am live in a fragmented world of marketing
and healing. I spent time last week in my capacity as a market communication strategists
working with the venture capital (VC) world (I am helping to organize a VC
track for a technology conference in the Bay area). There I was at a conference
surrounded by this interesting group of VCs and the service providers who hang
around them. Most of VCs started as technologists in some form or another and became
VCs after a startup success and also became extremely wealthy in the process.

It feels energetically like most of them don’t ever have to
work again, but like to keep their hands in it, and gamble a little, through
investing in a start up technology company.

What I realized is there are some on power trips and some
that are just intellectually curious, those that need to be right and those
that simply need to win more and garner more prestige. Most importantly, each
one of these different attributes described aspects of myself. That every
person I meet offers the opportunity to reveal to me what is inside of me.

So at the conference I am spending a large portion of my
time looking at the person I was judging or appreciating and observing those
same qualities within me. I did my Ho’oponopono
work (thank you, I am sorry, I love you, please forgive me) and investigated
how I was feeling. Wow it was powerful, I clearly saw times in my life were I
was seeking power over, where I had to be right, where I pursued something
simply for prestige (and not in service). I forgave myself for that previous
behavior. I thanked the catalyst of these men for reminding me of the aspects
of myself I didn’t really want to look at, and for providing me the opportunity
to delve deeper.

Through that process I uncovered an even more important
piece, what I love to do, what gives me passion and touches my heart and what
is just fun. Those attributes I mentioned
above (prestige, being right etc.) pointed out the reasons why I chose various
jobs; they were in alignment with my beliefs and unconscious material at the
time. I can clearly see the law of attraction in action… I created many moments
to align with where I was at in that material. Now as I am reminded of those
attributes through the people I meet, I can go back to that moment of
unconsciousness and really look at it and see the “why” of who I was, and also
see how far I have come and now see what inspires me most as
I move forward in my life and work.

So my question to you is: who in you life can reflect back
to you what you have been creating for yourself then do your Ho’oponopono. Also, what fills
you up, what drives your passion. If you had a magic wand and could wipe it
over you life what would you be doing and more importantly what would it feel
like. What does it feel like in your body when you are doing what you love?
Grow that feeling muscle so that each time you feel it you know you are on the
right path.