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Friday, October 24th, 2008

Marianne Williamson Prayer for Democracy

I received Marianne Williamson's newsletter today and thought her prayer was beautiful. I plan on saying it daily for a while I hope you will join me?

Dear God,
Please send angels
to guard our democracy
as we move towards the Presidential election.
Guide and protect our candidates
and shield them from harm.
Pave a way for our nation
to step onto a new path,
to correct our mistakes,
to atone for our errors
and rise up in glory.
Forgive us all,
and set our feet on new ground.
May we be lifted
to the highest level of possibility
as individuals and as a nation.
For this we pray.

Dear God,
As our nation and our world
endure economic stress,
please enter here and make all things right.
Where our hearts, our minds or our behavior have been inflated,
lacking integrity or authentic truth,
please forgive us.
May we begin again.
Teach us how to do better.
Shift our hearts, dear God,
and shift our planet.
Remove all fear
and send miracles to heal us.
Create an economy of righteousness for all.
May love prevail.