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Monday, April 30th, 2007

How to deal with food that is nutritionally absent

But why bother; why
don’t ya just eat better?

There are times when you just have to have that nasty snack
or old comfort food that has no nutritional value (Kraft macaroni and cheese
anyone?) Sometimes your really aren’t sure if the food was irradiated or not (if
it was then there is very little resembling enzymes and amino acids left). If
you can’t get to the health food store to get organic food then what to do with
the pesticide infested grocery store food? AND what about the good food, how do
you make it even better for you?

Everything has an energetic signature, if you can push that
energy into a more positive “spin” then the food will harmonize better with
your body. Here are two ways I know of that I beleive make a difference. Of
course it helps (according to the Law of Attraction) if you believe it!

Grace (of sorts). Just before you eat is a great time to
express gratitude for the bounty that is before you. Here is a great
affirmation of gratitude:

First rub your hands together to feel the energy moving.
Then place you hands over your food and say, “Bless this food that is before us.
Please send a special energy of gratitude to all of those who had a hand in
bringing this to our table,” (now take a moment and imagine with a heart of
gratitude all those hands; the grower, the person who picked the vegetables,
the truck driver, the grocer etc.). “Please assist this food in harmonizing with
my body in a way that generates vibrant health and energy. Thank you!”

You can even expand the visualization of the individuals
that participated in bringing the food to you, by asking that they open
themselves to the highest levels of love, light, joy, prosperity and abundance
you are sending to them. I believe that every time we do this to and for
another, we are sending that same energy to ourselves. If we did that with each
meal imagine the waves of peace we would be creating for the world and for us.

Another trick to changing food’s energy signature (to the
positive) is using a pyramid.
Remember those brass and wire pyramids from the eighties. My understanding is a
pyramid corrects the spin
on things that are in a state of dysfunction. The way energy bounces off the
sides of a pyramid creates a spin that has a positive influence on those people and things
underneath it. I put my pyramid on top of my fridge. I recently used one on a
box of 24 bottles of water. Did you know that moving water is much better for
you? Water that has been sitting in the bottle doesn’t have the same health
giving properties as water that has been moving. So I put my pyramid on top of
it to create that energy. When I do this there are usually bubbles in the water

When I noticed the bubbles I wondered if the pyramid effect
lasted indefinitely. I asked into this in a meditation and what I got was, yes
it lasted indefinitely for good food, and the changed properties only hold for
about 5 minutes for food that is not healthy.

Finally just thinking better thoughts when you are eating
has been scientifically proven to improve digestion. So rather than hammering
that food down, stop and have gratitude for it, eat slowly and chew more. Put
your fork down between mouthfuls. The food will taste better and be better for

Ok I have a confession to make, I am coming out of the
spiritual closet with these posts… I have a little fear that it is over the
spiritual top for many of you. Bear with me as I go to the depths of “woo woo”
and back again… while some of this might be weird; I guarantee it will always
be interesting. And it works, but again remembering The Law of Attraction; if
you believe it will work it likely will.