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Monday, June 4th, 2007

An observation of clarity – the inner balance of love

From Reverend David Phears – Sangha Center For Spiritual Living
Huntington Beach California

How many of you feel that there is just too much love in the
world? Really – then how many of you would love to see more love expressed in
the world? Then have I got some good news for you – today is the beginning of
the era of love.

“The season of love begins today”

This whole month we’ll look at how we can see more love
showing up everywhere we look – not only in our lifetime but beginning right
here and right now.

After all to see the love that you want to experience, you
must realize that the experience of that love can and will only be experienced
by you. And you have everything; the ability and the tools to bring your
personal vision into your present experience.

Bottom line is that to experience this love = you and I have
to be the place where love happens. Because we are the only place where we can
ever truly experience the agape love of God.

“It’s an inside job”

And so this inner balance of love becomes a focal point of
contemplation. The key word here is balance, finding that place in your
everyday life flow to remember to go and be within. To choose from that place
of spiritual connection and enjoy the shift in your relationships as they

Today’s title is: Observation

For us to reach the pleasant, powerful prosperous state of
inner balance on a continuous basis – we must look at how we observe life

When my wife Michelle, and my daughter Davina and I are in
the airports or universal studios –however the Diaspora and mix of humanity is–
we people-watch, and in the process create positive scenarios about the lives
of the people we see. It’s fun and takes up the time but it doesn’t truly let us
in on the hearts of the folks; just our own observation/perceptions and conclusions.

Many people go through their own lives the same way in
reverse, they make choices, decisions and changes in alignment with what they
think other people are thinking about them. Living from the outside in.

Outside-in living is not natural. It might be the norm of
the herd, but living in reverse and expecting to arrive in a different place is
a set up for insanity and at worst a deep sense of intense separation.

Feeling separate is buying into an illusion. There can never
be anything separate form God, and God is all that there is, so it’s not the
reality of life that get’s in the way, it’s the un-clarity of the observation
that leads to a tainted conclusion and a rancid choice.

“Think before you stink”

S – separation

T – thinking

I – invariably infects

N – new

K – knowledge

All of this information – these spiritual tools – this
blessed philosophy is all about you – your inner life and getting clarity on
your best; your best life – best love best fun and best you.

These tools are like car wash… you drive up with the energy
of a thought that is worn, use and soiled, then run it through the spiritual
law with a wash of possibility, a scrub of determination, a rinse of gratitude,
some wax of highest good and you come out on the other side with clarity and

C – choose

L – love -

A – and

R – radiance

I – is

T – truly

Y – yours


I can see clearly; the fog of fear,
the smog of doubt and the mist of lack and limitation are gone. All that
remains in my life are love and all of the blessings that I can handle and
share – thank you God in me.

The essence of all life is god. This eternal ‘I am’ is all
that there is. This presence is the source and supply of all life. The external
weather itself is a product of this eternal energy. This energy is also within
me and all that I know and see – this energy – God – allows me to choose how to
deal with my inner weather, the climate of my daily living. Just like an
umbrella, sun screen or snow shoes does for external weather, I have the necessary
tools for thriving through any internal weather that shows up. I’ve got
headlights of faith to cut through any fog of fear and fresh breezes of
spiritual knowledge to dissipate any smog of doubt and windshield wipers of
love to erase all drops of lack and limitation. I am clear, yes I am clarity itself
right here and right now. Thank you God in me I let this thought fly free – and
so it is and so it is and so it is amen!

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

(Personal) Blossoming Requires Fertilizer

Excerpts of Rev David Phears Sunday Talk

Sangha Center for Spiritual Living

Fertilization = the
act or process of initiating biological reproduction.

Imagine that thoughts are seeds and the fruit of those
thoughts are our experience. In the biological process of growing, fertilizer
is a important. Not being a farmer or a gardener, most of the biological
fertilizer that I have encountered in my life has been of the odiferous kind, when
I smell it I am repulsed so I tend to shy away from fertilizer of the
biological persuasion.

However in my own life I tended to do the same thing when it
came to ‘smelly situations’ that I ran into in my journey. I avoided things
such as intense loneliness, debilitating fear, raunchy addictions and a lack
and limitation belief system like a distasteful olfactory plague.

In hindsight I see that I indeed was the only one who
allowed the seeds of that kind of thinking to enter into the sanctity of my
decision making process. And I paid dearly for it – many of you have or are going
through similar things yes? It felt to me at the time that I had no way out –
no solution.

What I continued to run from was the confrontation with my
own belief system – the stinky stuff/the funky stuff the fertilizer necessary
for my weed thoughts to be cleared up – and the confidence/awareness and
practice of planting new seeds of prosperity, joy, forgiveness.

It took a willingness to stop pointing at people places and
things as cause to any wilted times or weed choked moments. I had to look at
me. I had to tell myself the truth and make a decision.

The fertilizer funk in your life shows up as button pushers,
nay-sayers – gossipers, ‘haters’ who think they know why they are in your
experience. But now you can take them out of the picture and focus on what they
– as your personal fertilizer funk – have initiated in your thinking and
feeling nature that can be addressed, refocused, transformed or transmuted.

Imagine, you can get so good at this spiritual living thing
that just like the stinky fertilizer for plants, you can smell the teaching
situation (usually called the challenge de jour) coming a mile away and guess
what – you can start on the solution before the problem has time to stink up
your presence.


Sometimes life may stink, yet when I
awake spiritually, if I stop and think that since life is all about ebb and flow
– then this too shall pass and from this I shall grow.

Rev David’s Sunday
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