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Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Sonia Choquette on Healing With the Masters

What a night we had with Sonia Choquette on Healing With the Masters. It was a heartfelt and deep Sonia
conversation about the nature of the heart and how to access the energies of four chambers of the heart in these changing times.

"It's a challenge to keep your heart open when the world hurts you, but to close it at these times is far more painful than anything life throws at you. To do so is to cut yourself off from living. It's spiritual death and self destruction, and the most painful of all choices you could ever make" ~ Sonia Choquette, The Answer is Simple… Love Yourself – Live Your Spirit

Sonia walked us through the 4 Chambers of the heart and the different points of access we have through this beautiful mechanism of physiology and Soul Energy.

The upper right chamber of the heart is the Open Heart, the place of childlike playfulness, openness and possibility. Sonia took us through a visioning and feeling of what it feels like to be in that place of play and innocence. This is the portal through which gifts come to us and it is powerful place of opening to the energy and space of alignment with flow.

The lower right chamber of the heart is the Clear Heart, this is where we begin to look at life with objectivity. We can step away from life's' challenges and not take things personally. It is the drama-free creative heart, opening to "what if" instead of "what could be." Here we can focus on the type of experience we want to create for ourselves with power.

The upper left chamber is the Wise Heart, where we can choose to hold grudges or forgive. We can stand in this place and shout in the face of intimidation with a strong "NO"! Sonia talked quite a bit about forgiveness and shared the importance of feeling your feelings of anger or resentment… that is  often part of the path to forgiveness.

The final lower left chamber is the Courageous Heart, here we take on doubt in full force and don't allow anyone to push doubt into us. This is where we move forward in our lives one step at a time. We look forward at what is right in front of us, and just do that, then the next, and the next using fear as a motivator not an obstacle.

There was such richness in this conversation and Sonia lead us energetically within to experience the essential energies of these four chambers of the heart. It was beautiful motivating ,strengthening and just lovely.

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