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Monday, April 28th, 2008

Abraham Hicks Rampage of Invincibility

This is a wonderful 6 minute "rampage" form Abraham about what all of us are working at with this creating thang. All you have to do is listen and you will be filled up. Enjoy!


FYI, I just redid the Recession Meditation and added another 10 minutes, I also re-mastered the sound. If you are having ANY challenges at all with money, invest in this one, it will help you discover those internal blocks to abundance.

Saturday, May 12th, 2007

Esther Hicks / Oprah / The Secret – The Big Picture

Here are video and audio segments offering a very
interesting take on Esther Hicks being written out of The Secret.

I am still a fan of the movie, but I do believe that there
is so much more to it than what was originally presented. Many of the teachers
are even moving beyond The Secret,
Joe Vitale’s new books
Zero Limits
and The
(which I
have a contributed chapter
), Jack Canfield’s The
Success Principles
. There will likely be more movies that expand on
these ideas. The Secret opens people
eyes to stop creating their lives by default and start intending new ideas. If
you have been a reader of this blog you know that deciding to be a more
creative force in your own life will open up new feelings and life experiences
(not something The Secret goes into).
By intending bigger and better things for yourself, everything that is not in
alignment with the new visions will come up for airing and release. Usually in
the form of feelings, but also situations that test your resolve to this new
life will also come up. All of it is of your creation in response to your new
beliefs (and your old beliefs).

The Secret is the first step of many ongoing steps to
personal responsibility in your own creative vision. The value of The Secret is, a huge and widely
dispersed audience was ready for the material, ravenously watched it, embraced
it, and are applying the principles. I am not sure the millions who have
watched it and read the book would have been able to handle the “woo woo”
channeling aspect that the Hicks brought. Oprah even said on her radio
interview with Esther Hicks that her television audience isn’t ready for the
channeling of Abraham.

It is all in divine order; the Hicks have received
tremendous increase in visibility (which they rightly deserve) and the information
is out there in a big way which is fantastic for the individuals that are
discovering the power they hold in their thoughts. And great for the
improvement of global consciousness (see yesterday’s post: How We
Create Our Reality
). I highly recommend a couple of books by Esther
and Jerry Hicks, one of the best is Ask
and It Is Given
and of course The
Law of Attraction 
(which really
is The Secret).

Here is the video of
Abraham/Esther discussing The Secret:

Here is the Esther
Hicks interview with Oprah on her radio program Part 1:

Esther Hicks on Oprah’s XM Radio show

Esther Hicks
interview with Oprah Part 2

Part 2 Esther Hicks on Oprah’s XM Radio show aired 04/05/07

Esther Hicks
interview with Oprah Part 3:

Part 3 Esther Hicks on Oprah’s XM Radio show aired 04/12/07