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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Mary A. Hall’s You Are Love Replay

The energies on this show were BEYOND palpable.

Mary held us in the purest vibration of unconditional love as we entered into a new octave of loving wholeness, truth and grace.

Her powerful, personal stories modeled for us how our willingness to embrace EVERY moment (even the painful ones) – and find their opening point of love – enlivens us and further integrates us into the Divine love that we are.

Her personal dialog with Spirit and the amazing processes she shared guided us to let go of restrictions, limitations, and the beliefs that we need to be different than from who we are right now.

We allowed ourselves to be fully seen in the resonance of our Divine truth and, MAN, the group energy exponentially amplified the frequencies of love that rushed forth.

This beautiful field of tenderness enabled all of us to receive the highest levels of healing through our Q&A.

From clearing away old energetic imprints and creating huge openings for everyone to be enveloped in the universal energies of love, understanding and compassion — our awareness increased as grace replenished and energized every aspect of us.

We truly allowed Divine love in at the deepest levels and it changed us instantly.

Listen to the replay here:

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Purifying Healing & Congruence with Clayton Nolte

I just love having Clayton on our series… His unique energy, amazing presence and captivating expertise made for a profoundly fun, enlightening and healing discussion that delivered us into a brand new state of energetic wholeness.

From enhancing our food to purifying our energy fields and relieving physical ailments, we learned a TON about the power of structured water and its naturally miraculous ability to promote vibrant health, balance and harmony at the atomic level.

Clayton treated us to a remarkably uplifting structured-breathing exercise that integrated us into the present moment, beckoning our power of manifestation, which shifted our reality and activated the gateway to total transformation.

A HUGE thank you to all of you for your tremendous engagement and playing with us. All of your phenomenal questions created a beautiful ripple effect that brought us into a new field of balanced energy.
There is just SO MUCH information on this show. Tap in and allow the natural flow of all things beneficial.

Imagine your house singing in the vibration of love, structure, balance and harmony and THEN you showering with it!

So many of you have written in and asked us to help you structure your whole house and Clayton worked with us to make that happen in such a remarkable way.

Through this very special offer, we’re giving you FOUR options to be a catalyst of coherence for your whole neighborhood, the wildlife, surrounding trees, plants and so much more…

And this special is exclusive to this community! It’s not available anywhere else, folks…

There’s never been a more convenient way to experience and share the healing qualities of structured water and we’re bringing it to ya.

For the first time, we are offering Under The Sink units, which are perfect for those of you who live in an apartment or condo!
AND, you can get a FREE Portable Structuring Unit (A $399 value) with the purchase of the Dynamically Enhanced Whole-House Unit!

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

What an Amazing 13/13 Prayer Circle!

What a profoundly inspiring, energizing, heart-opening experience for our third 13/13 Prayer Circle.

Through group intention and affirmation, we tapped into our individual and collective infinite, divine fields of knowing, allowing, compassion and acceptance. In this sacred, fortified, vibrational resonance of possibility, we experimented with those who seemingly attacked us and those who we feel we need protection from.

We observed our “attackers” and their sacred chambers. And, even though it may be dim or hidden, we noticed and focused on their light. As we observed their light from our powerful stance of knowing, allowing, compassion and acceptance, we shared our light with them and understood from our soul place that they are doing the best they can – even if it doesn’t appear so. The more we observed their light, the more it expanded as did our own.

In this place of powerhouse possibility, fear becomes just a notice that something is coming up. We can prepare for what comes up by not protecting, but by tapping into the knowing, allowing, compassion and acceptance that heightens our being and power.

We inculcated the energy signatures of knowing, allowing, compassion, acceptance, and love into our beings through a special flute and voice soul song and brought this high energy matrix to those we love and, optionally, those we might not love so much. We observed their beautiful light, appreciated and acknowledged their life and individual expressions of the divine. We prayed for those who appear dysfunctional and saw the divine dance in everyone.

We embraced those with illness along their friends and families, enveloping these individuals with love, light and cherishing adoration. We tapped into the notion that illness actually assists in transformation to possibility of new solutions, perceptions, receiving, support networks, groups, new friends and that there is not one body betraying its soul partner. Whatever’s occurring is FOR them and, as we honor that, there is an expansion in their being to make possible the energetic healing that is here. Whatever it is, is perfect.

Through the co-creation of a second soul song, we focused on all those for whom we prayed and cleared all fields of old resonant energies no longer needed. We felt and sensed these energies dissipate, transmute and transform all over the planet. What a tremendous gift for everyone…

We then shifted our focus to those souls around the globe seeking energy and even those who think they don’t want it or need it. We vibrationally brushed them all with love, reminding them of the light they are. We shifted focus to hot spots on the planet, observed lower vibrating energies and darkness and sent our light, allowing love, abundance, harmony to expand for divine unfolding within every event. Even in horror, there is an unfolding we can’t see or comprehend in our three dimensional world. From the soul perspective, we can change the events by sending light, love, compassion, gratitude.

We closed with acknowledging the Catholic community and connecting with their hearts through the heart of this new pope and the beautiful connection to St. Francis.

What a highly-energizing, purifying prayer circle this was. Thank you to everyone who joined and contributed their beautiful energy for everyone’s expansion.

The energies on this call have been captured and these healings and powerful group energies are available to you on the replay…
Just CLICK HERE and register. It’s FREE.

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

A New Beginning, Healing With The Masters Season 11

This was the first call and a little pre-season peek into what’s in store for this fantastic new season of Healing With The Masters.
We’re in a powerful year of an incredibly powerful new cycle and whatever you intend for your life is part of the co-creative intention for this whole community.

You are a part of the foundation for this time of powerful change and the intention for this show is to enable everyone here to see, understand, know, manifest, and USE the Divine light that they, that YOU, possess.

Get ready for new levels of light.
Prepare for new levels of consciousness.
Brace yourself for new levels of Divine expansion.

And know that it is all happening through this powerful group and the work we are all doing here.
There is a new wave of energy and higher vibration here and YOU get to play within all of it.

Everything shows up when we’re ready for it.
The evidence is in what we’ve seen and experienced – feel into how you’ve grown and discover how true that really is. You are a catalyst and you are here to make THE difference.

Listen to this replay (Just Click HERE to head to, open to the MASTERY that you are and bring your gifts and intentions to the world.
Remember, YOU are the change.

If you haven’t registered for this new season of Healing With The Masters, head to and register so you can take advantage of ALL these sure-to-be amazing calls!

If you’ve already registered, just type in your special password to log in and listen to the replay.

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Panache Desai and Super Soul Sunday

Did you know that hundreds of millions of people around the globe are constantly in search of love?

Each of us actually has our own definition and idea of what love is, so we seek something and/or someone very specific – to match that notion – with which we can receive and share that love. If we sense that there’s no “match,” we move onto the next and the next and the next.

But I want to remind you of divine love here. Though the love we feel in a relationship can be powerful, it can also serve as a reminder of the divine love that is all around us. Unlike the type of love that we, as humans, are familiar with, divine love is what we all are; it is pure, immortal and its energy is always present, flowing endlessly in, around and through all. It is our guaranteed connection to everything – especially ourselves.

Divine love is a recurring topic on most of our McLean Masterworks and Healing With The Masters programs mostly in part because all of our contributors and guests are dedicated to helping every individual realize, see, feel and know the divine infinite love that they are.

In fact, repeated guest and spiritual catalyst, Panache Desai, often contributes profoundly inspirational insights based on this topic.

I connect deeply with Panache because the energy frequencies coming through every word he speaks are astonishing. There really are high-vibrating energies of direct connection coming from him to us – reminding us of who we are, not acting or saying that he is better than us, but really saying, “I am just like you and you can have this, too.”

One of his messages that really resonated with our community members and listeners came from season 9 of Healing With The Masters. It is so powerful to me, too, that I had to share it again:

“The divine loves you infinitely. You’re not broken. You don’t need fixing. You don’t need healing. You are not a mistake. You’ve never done anything wrong.

Every aspect of you was crafted in absolute divine perfection. Within every single one of you resides an entirely unique expression of source energy. Every single one of you is a divine being. Lovingly allow yourself to receive more, grow bigger. From this space of infinite expansiveness, you can receive infinitely.

Are you willing to allow yourself to receive love infinitely? Are you willing to receive your infinite abundance? Are you willing to receive your infinite health and vitality? Are you willing to be infinitely connected to source energy and source potential? Are you willing to live your soul signature and transform consciousness?

Are you willing to receive in your heart the infinite contribution that you have been to the millions of lives that have been touched on this planet? No matter what your circumstances are, your choice to incarnate at this time makes this world a better place. Your choice to embody the resonance that you are is changing and transforming the very fabric of reality.

It’s never about you doing more or being more or becoming something better or even being a better version of you. The only thing required of you is to have the courage to walk the journey of your life fully being you.

The divine loves you infinitely. You are all energies and everything you see in creation is part of you. Everything you perceive is a reflection of the inner light that you are. Every human being is an infinite being with infinite potential. We are who the divine created us to be and we are now ready to reclaim it.”

WOW… Breathe in this profound message of divine love. Feel it. Feel the divine infinite love that you are. Sense and feel and know the infinite abundance that you are and all that you have transformed for good just by being YOU.

There’s no coincidence that Panache’s messages resonate so extremely deeply with our listeners. He truly is a messenger of divine love, moving us to a place of truth – showing us that we are the power, the miracle, we are all of it.

There’s also no coincidence that Oprah, herself, now sees in our very own Panache what YOU first saw. And you will get to witness Panache conversing one-on-one with her as she experiences that divine template of energy – becoming and remembering the divinity that we all are. Make sure you tune into Oprah’s Emmy Award-winning Super Soul Sunday on February 24, 2013 at 11am Eastern/Pacific on OWN or via worldwide simulcast at or the Super Soul Sunday facebook page.

And let’s flood the planet with love. We are requesting to bring an intention of flooding the planetary grid with your energy of love. We can use this portal of opportunity to get Panache’s important and powerful messages of love into a broader spectrum of light through Oprah’s this audience. So, get your friends and family to watch and hold an intention of love as you are watching. Let’s use this opportunity and shift this WHOLE thang, shall we?

Mark your calendars for February 24th and tap into your high-frequency capacity to unite with us, through intention, as we collectively imbue this special show with love, creating a portal of love to transmit around the globe for ALL to receive it.

And if you want more of Panache, be sure to register HERE for our all new 11th season of Healing With The Masters – featuring Panache – and get access to his exclusive, FREE 4-show inspirational video series.

Monday, February 18th, 2013

A Note About Panache Desai

I’ve been in communication with a lot of you throughout season 10 of Healing With The Masters – and since it ended – and I am thoroughly enjoying all the stories of transformation, which you’ve been seeking, initiating, manifesting and/or experiencing.

Your stories call to mind some of the amazing conversations I’ve shared with my brilliant and dear friend, Panache Desai. Last season, he offered some incredibly insightful & liberating wisdom about the recurring topics of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. He also emphasized their REAL purpose in our lives.

I wanted to remind you of this profound insight as you continue on your journey to becoming the truth of who you are.

There is a greater energy upon us. Do you feel it? Have you been feeling a sense of anticipation?

As Panache shared, “Everything within you that you’ve repressed or suppressed or judged is coming up or getting ready to come up. The guilt is beginning to vibrate out of your body. The fear is beginning to vibrate out of your body. The anger and the sadness that society condemns and judges and enforces us to repress and suppress is beginning to vibrate up and out of your body.

You are moving into more, into greater alignment with your true self – with that self that is eternal and infinite, the way the Divine created you to be. The version of you that the Divine, itself, marveled at. The Divine actually stopped for a moment and proclaimed YOU the most beautiful thing it had ever made.”

Can you feel and know the truth in this? …For you – and for everyone on this planet? Can you sit for a moment with the energy in this message and allow its blanket of divine wisdom to wrap itself around your entire being – just as you are?

Feel into what is coming up for you as the divine frequencies in this message embrace you. Allow whatever it is to come up and know that it’s here to serve you. It’s all here to serve you. Always. It’s purpose is to move you into the flow of Divine energy that you have always been.

Now is the time to shift the perception that created the barriers and limitations, which define the quality and condition of your life. Now is the time to open your heart to the life of infinite possibility that’s been awaiting you.

Be sure to catch our very own Panache Desai on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, February 24th at 11am Eastern/Pacific on OWN and via worldwide simulcast on and Super Soul Sunday’s Facebook page.

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

A Note About Panache Desai

Lately I’ve been crossing paths with so many people who continue to raise the question, “How can every single thing that happens actually be happening FOR me or FOR us?”

This leads me back to last December when I joined forces with Panache Desai in Orlando, Florida for a revolutionary program called 12-12-12 Global Gathering.

Let me start by sharing that part of the reason I chose to do this Global Gathering event is that I connect with Panache in a very unique way. For example, he and I have always talked a lot about not playing with the “story.” Because it’s not necessary to hang onto the “story” anymore as we move into this new era that awaits us – a place of possibility so far beyond from where we’ve come.

This gathering was an amazing, fun, exhilarating and very deep journey to the soul. We held people in an embrace of love, reflected back to the beautiful individuals the bright light that they are. We opened hearts and minds in ways I never quite experienced before.
I truly saw everyone in the audience shift dramatically. Really and truly.

And there was one gentleman there who stood up to work with me directly as a catalyst for the group. He talked about cruelty to animals and it was an incredibly powerful and poignant moment because we used something that is just so horrible as an opportunity.

The theory is that EVERYTHING is here FOR you, FOR us. But how could something as horrible as this be there for me or you or us? How could that the possible? So we used it. We tapped into his system.

Part of my process of healing is appreciating the expression as the system is presented with life and how the system responds to that reflection. Because reflection is just the system expressing itself. So, after going into and exploring his system, we realized that, for this person, this moment of cruelty triggered a sacred part of him and that resulted in an awakening for all of us in his presence.

Cruelty is not OK. At all. In fact, we actually felt the grief and horror of it and what it triggered in him/us. A beautiful animal went through a horrific experience, and survived – by the way, to bring us here – to a new place of expanding possibility so that cruelty like that does NOT have to happen.

We can start ending this cruelty. This is not cruelty to change a group of 200 people. This is something that continues to show up so that ALL of humanity can change. So, if those 200 people can change from that horrific experience, then they can change 2,000 people, and those 2,000 can change two million.

Trite comments like “It’s a gift,” is simply some new age jargon that writes off the significance in the sacrifice and experiences of all beings on the planet. We are in a time where, if people sacrifice, are to experience that.

The horrible moments we are witnessing are opportunities for the expansion of humanity and mass awakening. Do you see that?

Panache and I talked about the new age ‘language’ and jargon of ‘new spirituality’ and how it leaves people out. The definition of a cult is the use of jargon that alienates people. That’s not spirituality. In fact, it doesn’t even need to have a label. It can just be called life. We don’t need or have to use a ‘special language.’ We can talk like human beings to each other – about what is going on in your life and how we can impact or have impacted one another.

The ‘stuff’ and beliefs we held before are over. It led us to this point in this new place and that’s why it was there. But it’s over. Let’s not alienate others nor their experiences.

Be sure to catch our very own Panache Desai on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, February 24th at 11am Eastern/Pacific on OWN and via worldwide simulcast on and Super Soul Sunday’s Facebook page.

Mark your calendars and tap into your high-frequency capacity to unite with us, through intention, as we collectively imbue this special show with love, creating a portal of love to transmit around the globe for ALL to receive it.

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Experience Everything and Embrace Your Self Through the Q&A with Panache Desai

As a wrap-up and conclusion to our incredible three-night series with Panache Desai, we spent some time in a Q&A session that allowed everyone to grow deeper through the expression of pressing questions. Listen to the replay (by clicking here) and be sure you’re ready to go deeper.

There was no holding back on this call and Panache’s wisdom truly shined.

The intention was set early on to have the perfect people chosen to speak with Panache – it definitely came through here.
The individuals we heard from and interacted with really opened up and brought a beautiful energetic signature along with them.

Life isn’t about always being joyful – don’t invalidate your awareness and being-ness by making yourself one-dimensional. Allow yourself to be embraced wherever you are and know that this is a community of individuals who love and support your growth.

You are already a miraculous expression of love and light and YOU have the ability to reach into all that you are. Love each trait, quirk, talent, and aspect that make you, You. As you shift through these conversations, discover how to go from stressed to blessed. Then, click below and see the platter of developmental tools that Panache has prepared for you.

All of this: these calls, these contributors, their special offers, and this whole Healing With The Masters series is here for you. Feel the loving embrace of these calls and consider what it’d be like to have them whenever you need them. Watch what’s unfolding in and around you and make the profound shift you’re after by owning all of it.

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Make Your Wellbeing and Joy the Top Priority

We had some incredible people listening in and setting intentions for this call with Emmanuel Dagher because, WOW – it was just amazing. We started off by talking about healing, and health in general, and Emmanuel shared what he’s noticed when working with individuals around the world.

Right now, we’re going through a period of growth through release and cleansing.
Many of us are experiencing events from past lives coming to the surface and as Emmanuel explained, there’s a really important step that needs to be included.

Healing isn’t about fixing something that’s broken or trying to change the physical body.
Healing is about recognizing, acknowledging and embracing who we really are. Focus on getting back to Divine remembrance and look past the illusions of what needs to be “fixed.”

When you truly embrace all that you are and own the Divine reality of YOU, everything changes and miracles become a part of your day-to-day life.

Join Emmanuel on this call and make your WELLBEING and JOY your top priority. Grow through his wisdom and guidance then open your heart to the limitless healing potential of his special offer. If you haven’t already done so, click the link to his offer below and accept the most incredible version of you.

This call is one piece of a beautiful puzzle we’ve been building over the course of Healing With The Masters, Season 10. The best way to continue growing and progressing into your own miraculous expression of Love and Light is to own this series and participate over and over again. If you feel your heart calling out and asking for that continued growth, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Chris Cade’s INCREDIBLE Priority-Aligning Call

You are the Master, discover how to Liberate Your Life with Chris Cade!


We had an amazing call with Chris Cade that jumped into creating abundance, contentment, and peace in our lives by prioritizing what really matters and overcoming the fear of the unknown. Chris explains that when faced with the need to develop his spirituality, his immediate hesitation to leave what he had imagined were his “dream job” and “ideal life” for something completely unknown. As he hesitated, the universe gave him an ultimatum and pushed him to head down the path of reaching out to the energy around him and developing his Self.

Jennifer asked: “How can we gain the courage to jump?” and “How do we overcome the fear that follows that courage?” Chris explained that our energy is drawn and pulled and manipulated in multiple directions and countless ways throughout the day. We are all serving as veritable Swiss Army knives and must rise above the ambiguity of each challenge to face what lies ahead. What that translates to is the courage it takes to make it through a regular day. The courage, strength and willpower that exist within us – we simply need to reach in, recognize that it’s all there and utilize it. When we take on something new, we’re opening up to the courage we already have, not gaining courage. The universe always has your back so trust in your ability to handle what’s coming your way and believe in yourself.


The question and the courage are a simultaneous arising. Although we may feel paralyzed, we can follow our fears to freedom. Chris walked us through a fantastic process that moved us past our inner critic, which shields and blindfolds us from our true nature. The best way to overcome that fear is to challenge it. When we head toward the worst-case scenario, we need to ask “Is it true? Are we really going to die because we have to wait at this red light and may be late for a meeting?” This breakdown is something that we can all apply in our day-to-day and should be used to help prioritize what’s really important to us. Our needs and wants regularly differ and when it all falls apart, we usually lose our idea of what we need, not the actual needs.

He then touched on the question of creating rather than emulating.

First, consume as much knowledge as possible. Once you’ve gained an abundance of information about whatever it is that you’re learning, put all of that research up against a series of questions. Begin by asking yourself: “Is this true for me?” and “How can I find out if this is true for me?” Internal inquiry has to show you that whatever you’ve learned rings true for you in order for it to apply to your life. Chris emphasizes that you can have the most valid and trustworthy source but if you can’t believe what you’ve learned or if it simply isn’t true for you, don’t be afraid to throw it out the window.

Chris explained that the Wandering Butterfly Effect is a metaphor for how difficult it can be to focus on a single project when we’re trying to focus on all of them. The more loose ends we have, the more our energy is pulled away and prevents us from internalizing what we’re working on – the more stress and anxiety we accumulate. Rather than wander aimlessly, we need to search for the next task, which exists at the top of our list of priorities, then come back and finish it. We need to focus on one item at a time, reach the boundary at the end of that item, and move on to the next. We must focus and prioritize our energy through that self-inquiry in order to overcome the Wandering Butterfly Effect.


Overall, Chris focused on helping you to explore what you want to do and what’s important to you. This life is a series of events that require your energy – make sure you want to be spending it on what you’re doing at every moment of every day. Take advantage of this call, overcome those wants, and discover the truth of what really matters and is for your highest good. If you’d like to explore Chris’ amazing special offer that will really help you to align with what you need, overcome the wants that are distracting you from your true purpose, and discover your true self, be sure to CLICK HERE.