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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Focusing on Your Strength IS the Path of Least Resistance

I am part of an amazing coaching program by Kim George and her system
which is called AQ (abundance quotient). Kim is a brilliant coach and has
packaged this quite remarkable system of different abundance illusions. She
offers some cognitive processes that give us the tools to reach and release our
core beliefs.

Here is a blurb about her book:

In Coaching Into Greatness, Kim introduces a new kind of
intelligence quotient, Abundance Intelligence™. Our AQ, or Abundance
Quotient, is the key to Living into our Greatness, moving from a
mentality of scarcity to one of abundance. Her book awakens readers to
the real reasons people get stuck and don’t do what they can do by introducing the concept that the ultimate scarcity is resisting who you are,
often caused by past events, circumstances, or experiences. Her book
offers a four-step process, teaching how to move anyone past their
Illusions to embrace the Abundance Aptitudes of Self-Worth, Empathy,
Self-Expression, Surrender, Actualization, Significance and Inquiry. True abundance, then, is exercising the freedom to be who you are.

Today in our coaching moment on our group call Kim offered
this amazing statement:

“The simplest way do what works for
you is to create a system. The system is; what is doing what is working in your life and NOT
fixing what isn’t working… It is easier to focus our strengths than on our

This is Kim so simple yet so profound.

Kim is starting another group coaching program, so if you
are interested in finding and working through your Abundance Quotient, then
sign up for this amazing program. There is a limit to the numbers of people she
will take per group. I am about 1/3 of the way through this eight month program
and seeing terrific results and meeting amazing people, so I highly recommend
this investment in yourself.

Here is an upcoming event to give you an opportunity to test
the waters:

AQ Community Call – Guiding Principles Series

Wednesday, May 30, 2007
7:00 PM

AQ Community Calls are complimentary calls
available to everyone who is interested in AQ.

The AQ Guiding Principle Series:
"All is Well, Especially in Difficulty"

7pm eastern time

641-985-1000 Access code 737180#

Join Kim as she continues to explore the Guiding
Principles of Abundance Intelligence. The Guiding Principles are the
frameworks, or overarching philosophies, of people with high Abundance
Intelligence. In this call, Kim delves into the 4th AQ Guiding Principle:

All is Well, Especially in Difficulty

Nobody relishes those painful times in life, and yet,
when we find the courage to sit in our pain and fear, living into our greatness
is possible. The key to life is not in "reinventing ourselves" or
becoming someone else, it is in coming back to who we are. In this provocative
call, Kim will explore the steps to discovering the opportunity in difficulty.
She will share her personal life journey and the tools that have helped her
choose her greatness over her fear in this very special discussion.