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April 26th, 2007

The Still Point

In cranial sacral therapy the still point occurs when the
body goes in to a state of apparent “non-activity” – a place of stillness. In
this stillness, however, a subtle undercurrent of true healing activity is taking place and the opportunity for
a shift into balance is available. A “healing pulse” shows up in the still
point, and often the heat of a stored energy block is released. Emotional
energies from the tissue are liberated and the cells, muscles and surrounding
area settle into a new place of being. The body has natural healing processes
that cranial sacral (and other therapies) can address and stimulate, and during
a therapeutic session there is constant changing and shifting occurring as a
result. While a healing process is initiated true resolution of an issue or
issues occurs during a still point. The still point can happen several times
during a session or might happen just once, but if there is a still point
present a healing resolution has generally occurred.

Still points are not just reserved for cranial sacral
therapy sessions; you can also find them in nature and in your everyday life.
For example, you can find still points in a river whirlpool/vortex. As the
water curls around the rocks in areas of white water or eddies at the edge of
the river you will see this whirlpool effect. If you watch closely you will
also see the swirl move in the opposite direction as an anti vortex. The center
point between the two swirling vortexes is the point of inertia where the
movement appears to slow down.Vortexstillpoint

There is a balance between the vortexes found here and the
motion in opposite directions cancels out the other creating this lack of
motion. This is very similar to a still point in cranial sacral therapy. When
white water kayaking this “still point” is where you can “surf,” where you can
sit in the place of inertia where the two currents cancel each other out. When
watching for vortexes in nature see if you can find this mid-point in the
currents and witness the stillness. In that moment search for your own internal
rhythm; find and match the stillness in your own being.

The still point can also apply to human activities. Within our own lives we create vortexes (and
sometimes tornadoes). Within these whirlwinds of activities there are still
points available to us. There is a place of calm waiting for us in EVERY life
situation. Within those still points are found the opportunities for healing of
our life issues. It is in the still place that all possibilities are available.
In the stillness one can discover a new connection to the divine or the source.
This is where the wisdom shows up and reveals the nuances of change that can
lead to healing.

So look around you, where are the still points in your life?
What whirlwinds are you creating for yourself and are there still points that
you are overlooking? If you can’t see it, go to nature and witness the
stillness there, let it remind you and nudge you. When you find that still
point in your life’s activities, stay with it for a moment or two, the answers
and the path to healing are waiting there for you.


  1. MysticSaint says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    great post.
    i would love to know more about, cranial sacral therapy.
    its sounds fascinating indeed.
    and many thanks for visiting my blog. i saw u via BlogLog. cheers!