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September 30th, 2008

Dee Wallace – I Am Divine Love

Dee2Dee Wallace well known actress who played the mother in the Steven Spielberg movie ET was on  Healing With The Masters for a second time. She was one of the most popular speakers on the spring program and kicked it to the moon again this time.

We went through defective DNA and physical healing, how to get  high out of living rather than being a victim, and getting juiced out of life instead of drama.

Dee did quite a few individual readings that many others said helped to clear them. Her works is SO powerful and so fast the shifts that were occurring on the call where palatable. Many have already indicated they want to listen again and again.

Here are the channeled sayings, the first two were brought to the public for the first time tonight:

I am the intersection of the complete formula

I am divine Love (this one alone clears all)

I know that I know

I am the only healing presence

Feel into these statements… allow them to penetrate deep within and shift and clear. To understand these better check out the call by signing up for Healing With The Masters and listening to the recording (available until Thursday) or you can purchase once you sign up and own the WHOLE series.


  1. Michele Maes says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    Many thanks for inviting Dee for this series. This was an awesome call and truly beneficial for all who was listening in and all who will listen to the replay.
    With gratitude to you both,

  2. Carole says:

    Dear Jennifer
    I listen to the replay today and thoroughly enjoyed it – but then I enjoy all of your guests. Dee has such a presence and she & you made my day very happy. She brought forth some very interesting things that will help me to interpret and forgive myself. It really makes sense – what more can I say but THANK YOU!
    Yours is the one series I always purchase as I don’t want to miss out.
    With gratitude