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January 13th, 2009

How to USE your reactions…

I get the most AMAZING emails the majority 98% or so are lovely testaments to how they are applying some of the principles I have been able to share through my programs and how they have changed their lives. It is the most rewarding experience to hear that what worked for me and my clients is now working for them to. AND I also get to in turn pass along what this community shares with me to others in the community. It is a delightful circle of giving.

The other 2% of the emails are spiteful mean attacks that I have yet to get used to… but I use all of them and thank the energy that is showing up. Just today I was accused of extending my EARLY early bird rate because I can't fill my workshop. (It is pretty close to being at my target capacity.) I extended it because I know many are in a tight financial state and want to come… I wanted to help. But this emailer used a victim mentality to send a scathing email to say that they "caught" me with my hand in the cookie jar and that I should be ashamed.

So two things… when you have a reaction and go immediately into accusation this is YOUR opportunity. WHERE in your body are you feeling that (in this case) someone is trying to rip you off? What is that part of you, showing you, about you and your life patterns.

Ask into your body, how this aspect has served you? Then ask what this body part, this aspect of you, needs. It may take you to the trauma in your life where it was established that you couldn't possibly trust that another was in integrity… that life is somehow ripping you off. NOW ask what is needed to change this, and your bodies healing intelligence will take over and show you what this aspect needs to re-align into balance. It may be something practical like volunteering to see the good in people, or it may be a journey inside your body to a place where you can feel trust. It is all there for you.

So what if you are being falsely attacked as I was? USE THAT TOO. I went inside to see what inside of me was ready to be paid attention to, what aspect in me created this emailer to allow me another peek at my pattern of trust. Then I did a re-patterning technique and some Ho'oponopono and thanked them for showing up to reveal to me what I am ready to release. 

It is all good, all God, and all an opportunity to wake up even more, to advance into joy and ease even more. I hope you can do the same when life shows up for you.


  1. bonni says:

    I’m finding more and more that when other people react strangely, cruelly, spitefully, or otherwise unkindly to me, it’s more a reflection of them than of me. They project their issues onto me and then react as if it was all true.
    In this case, either the emailer has persistent fear of being ripped off or cheated or something (therefore, they assume everyone is cheating them) or they are the type of person who cheats, rips off, etc., and rather than deal with their own issues, they project them elsewhere and then berate the person they hung them on.
    I do think that we, in some way, must have some “chink in our armour” that allows them to think we should be or can be psychically attacked, but in most cases I’ve seen (and I’ve been looking for this stuff, having recently come to undestand it), these are just purely people projecting.
    We can grow and learn from these attacks, of course. (How do you think I worked it out this far? ;-) )

  2. Maria Alejandra S. says:

    I read EVERYTHING you send me so GENEROUSLY and just for the “gusto” of giving. And you convey your knowledge in such a simple way, it soothes my soul like soft lotion on dry hands. I just read on and on. THANK you for sharing so generously all that you have to give. You’re simply a genius.
    And like that beautiful little movie you shared in your blog, I have to say “YOU are GREAT!”