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April 12th, 2008

There Is No Destination

Life is a journey not a destination, this is increasingly an important notion to creating life that you want. There is no there there,  there is only here now and the journey. The key to true wealth is to be happy with today and that will create happiness for your future. Even if this appear to not be going your way find the gift, feel the gratitude for all that you have, take your focus off of what is not working and onto what is.

The life you are creating is a direct result of what you have focused on. If you are involved in a project act from inspired action not from what you think you need from it. Your perception of what you need from any given job, relationship, event may not be what you think it is. Go inside and explore what your true feelings are about it.  I think you will find that if there is something that isn’t going well there is resistance or holding of some kind going on. Let it go, take your focus away on the how, and renew your focus on all that is working well in your life, and know that you don’t want to find “the end,” the feelings found through the journey is where the juiciness is.

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  1. Hemal says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I totally agree, one element of what you talked about is focusing on something in the now, no matter how small, that you love and appreciate and through your focus letting it grow and expand
    And there are ALWAYS things to love and appreciate :)
    (it’s just a matter of noticing them, than wondering whether they are or aren’t there)