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April 22nd, 2008

Prosperity Game – Checks

Tonight was another banner call with Law of Attraction Expert Eva Gregory.  Eva offered some sound practical insights into how to
apply the Law of Attraction from her two books The Feel Good Guide to
and her new book just out co-authored with Jack Canfield (of
The Secret and Chicken Soup for the Soul) Life Lessons For
Mastering the Law of Attraction
She offered some great techniques and
exercises you can do right now to help get into the flow of attracting what you
want. Her own story of turning her flailing company around and attracting a
buyer out of the blue was magical, and her energetic and enthusiastic
presentation was contagious. If you were unable to make the call you don’t want
to miss it. You can still sign up and listen in to Eva’s cal until Friday AM at www.healingwiththemasters.com (its FREE!).

We also talked about the Prosperity Game from Abraham Hicks and as promised you can click here (RIGHT click and "Save As…") to download this PDF. I created these checks for myself to use each day to spend the daily money as part of the prosperity game. I made a few adjustments and are making them available for you to use for your own Prosperity game. Just download them print them out (you will have to cut them). Know that these are NOT real checks they are just to be used to purchase your pretend products and put yourself in the new thinking place of abundance.

It works like this… each day you receive $1000+ and you have to spend ALL your money each day. So day one you get $1000 and have to spend it all, day two it is $2000, day three is $3000 day 20 is $20,000 day 60 is $60,000… you get the idea. Each day the money expands you have to spend the whole amount. As you shop online and find the things that you will be able to spend this "money" on you will put yourself in a whole new framework of abundance. Now each time you write a check FEEL the feelings of having that item, bring it into your soul into your body and fully feel it. That is the Prosperity Game.

The other thing you can do is, as you shop and write checks for the items you want, print the items out and put them in your treasure chest or you dream box or start  using them as a treasure map. It is a lot of fun and puts you in a good mood.


  1. Eva says:

    Thanks for this, Jennifer! I’ll be sure to point others here who are playing the Prosperity Game and would like to use checks!
    Thoroughly enjoyed participating in your call!
    Warmest Eva

  2. Gamy Rachel says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for posting these checks. I have download them on my PC and will have some fun with them :) I like this idea of working on our subsconcious mind with these checks.
    Come on over to visit my blog
    Mind Think Success
    Looking forward to see you there :)

  3. Camilla Levin says:

    I really like your interviews Jennifer, they are not only inspirering but also very warm and nuturing, thanks!
    visit my boutique with danish design

  4. Louise says:

    Thanks you for the form for the checks. It will be fun to play the Prosperity game. I already feel abundant, but can use more money. Thanks again.

  5. Karen Croley says:

    Wow! I love this idea and plan on beginning May 1st! As a new single parent of three young boys, I am intending to support myself. I’ll transform my coaching clients of zero to 10 and begin receiving money for it beginning the following month of June.
    Thanks so much for all that you do.

  6. Nina says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for the checks. It will be useful to enable people to have the feelings to receive more and then actually take real ACTION to make money and take opportunities that come your way. I have found that being receptive to accept and make money – even small amounts – opens the flow to being more and having more.
    I have found this from http://www.keymoneysource.com.
    The tips on making a $100 a day from writing your own ebook(s), or in other ways to help others and give value to others, have helped me.
    I have co-written a short novel called “Show Clo” which I hope will help and inspire teenage girls to have positive role models and to be more. If anybody is interested in a free copy for review, please email me at nina@howtostudyexams.com.
    I have also just written an ebook “How To Pass Exams in 28 Days Or Less! The Smart Learning System”, learning and mind power being my specialty.
    Blessings to everyone