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March 17th, 2009

Heart Virtue Moments

One of my subscribers that I recently got to know shared a story and I asked him to write it up for us:

19 year old Darren Gibson asked himself… How can I experience my Heart Virtue in the next 5 minutes…

I ask myself when driving back from a long, long, long morning of meetings. I just happened to be passing a senior citizen area when I thought well what would it be like to go hang out with a bunch of wonderful senior citizens and brighten there day up with some laughter and youth. How often do they get to have young people come and spend time with them I have often wondered.

Well my brain said to go home and work on my projects, But my Heart said YES stop and spend some time with them. Brain said, You have no idea what your going to do or talk about. You don’t even know any of those people there, it be awkward and weird for a young guy to come into there with a suit and tie….and on and on it went. STOP, I have experienced life enough to learned that my brain often does not know what will happen. So, I stop and the car and made a U-turn and went back to the Senior Citizen building. 

I ending up playing the piano there and singing with a wonderful lady named Wanda. Then 4 of them for some reason (my brain couldn’t know), became interested in me and taught me how to play Canasta. My goosebumps got tried and I experienced my Heart Virtue.

I am committed to Self-Empowerment and Connection.  I got to connect with people I highly admire and respect and got to be empowered and spread an abundance of happiness and laughs.


Remember happiness and experiencing life at a 10 is just a courageous act away.

Darren Gibson, 19, Greeneville, Tennessee http://www.GibsonCoaching.com

WOW isn't that beautiful? Imagine if all of use took the time to ask then follow where our hearts lead us, there would be joy all around us. Thanks Darren.


  1. Alice says:

    That is such a nice thing you did Darren. You give me hope.

  2. anita mitchell says:

    I am inspired by Darrens story. Such bold loving kindness and humanity… He was such a pleasure to work with over the streaming chat… with the man you are today, I cant wait to see your fruits in another couple of years. Kudos to you Darren.