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March 28th, 2009

Greg Braden on Healing With theMasters

Gregg was amazing as usual. His healing voice took us on a journey through our past and into our possible future. He shared about the the amazing cycle we are in; the last of 5, 5125 year cycles that is part of a 26,000 year cycle. He showed us that there are certain "symptoms" like weather changes that force us to grow food differently, collapses of systems that no longer serve, all found in the archaeological history.

Science is validating the cycle we are in and that the magnetic field coming from the center of the milky way is impacting the earth and her inhabitants.  However the most important magnetic field is the one in the human heart… and that is also the "cure" for these symptoms.

Being kind to one another (and if you are about to react and "take someone out" emotionally/verbally whatever, pause and breath first). Count daily on the little things that you have done that are adding to the collective consciousness. Ask yourself, how can I make this world a better place than when you came in. Those are the things that will lead us into a new world order of peace and coherence AND he stated that just ONE person can make a difference…

Gregg also talked about coherence, by simply being in a state of coherence that energetic state can help all. ONE person in this state can help literally thousands. What they have discovered is that coherence is not just feeling good or being in a meditative state, but it is a state of "beingness." Gregg mentioned HeartMath and the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) that is the product and research entity receptively that is investigating and helping to create coherence in individuals. If you go to the GCI site you can become a member and become more informed about their amazing initiatives.

One gadget that comes out of HeartMath is the EM Wave. Gregg and I spoke about, and I personally use it daily, it is quite an amazing devise that helps train you to achieve coherence. I just love this thing and as I write this I am now realizing that it has contributed to an overarching sense of peace and well being (and I think opened the doors to abundance too) more than I have ever experience before in my life. So check it out if you are interested…. Howard Martin of HeartMath will be speaking about this too when he is on April 7 show (I mistakenly said he would be on April 2 during the show, that is incorrect it is actually Tuesday April 7) so you won't want to miss that one!

I actually believe that Stephen Lewis' AIM program is another way that we can reach coherence, as is many of the dozens of techniques that Jack Canfield walked us through and just about an technique that the many speakers on Healing With the Masters offers. [Stephen offered us a great discount to join the AIM program that expires on Monday March 31 so you can still access that HERE.]

Gregg's new book, that all this content was reference from, just launched last week and he still has an amazing launch site up where you can get free bonus gift items and win a cruise with Abraham -Hicks! Go to this site first to buy the book so you can get at all this wonderful stuff (www.healingwiththemasters.com/gregg).

If you have not yet joined Healing With the Masters do join now it is absolutely FREE and you can still listen to Gregg's call through the weekend once you join. AND there are still 17 more speakers to go!


If you want more of Gregg, here is a GREAT story from Gregg Braden captued by By Phil Bolsta from his Triumph of the Spirit blog, http://bolstablog.wordpress.com/2008/11/03/braden/.


  1. Georgia says:

    17 more to go, I’ve already gotten so much! :) I didn’t even have to take notes because of your blog, but I did. Thank you!

  2. Phil Bolsta says:

    Thanks for sharing Gregg’s wisdom with your readers, Jennifer! We can all learn a lot from him!
    Phil Bolsta
    Author of “Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything” (www.sixtysecondsbook.com)

  3. Dean Hopkins says:

    Really enjoyed the call with Gregg. Gregg’s work is so fascinating and important to us all as we head rapidly into a an unknown world we have never encountered before, even with all our technology it shows that we are not so powerful and that we have perhaps got above ourselves and need to re-connect.
    I along with many other Mind Body and spirit students am following Gregg’s work.
    Dean Hopkins
    The Self Help Junkie

  4. That was an awesome call with Gregg Bradden. He would have to be the best speaker I have heard on this subject matter. I really appreciate the way he is able to blend science, religion, beliefs and technology together.
    I saw him speak at a live presentation a few years ago in Brisbane, Australia. The crowd was blown away by his message.
    Mike Brockman

  5. Liara Covert says:

    Everyone and everything is a teacher. HUman beings gravitate to those teachers that resonate the vibration they attract and require at a given moment. This post is a generous window of opportunity. Great to be open-minded and receptive to open doors.