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June 27th, 2014

A New Paradigm of Enlightenment with Anamika

Anamika articulates a new paradigm of love that is SO vital for living directly from our souls, we were guided to simultaneous discovery and creation of self, each other and ALL of us in this moment.

Her palpable and potent transmissions allowed us to collapse suffering and clearly see and embrace our humanity and giftedness in totality.

We shifted from the old paradigm of living and into the new field of sweet, soft, beautiful, enriching energy to completely open our hearts, reveal and move blocks, and drop our defenses.

These wonderful resonant frequencies carried over into a liberating, 25-minute Q&A session where all of us transitioned into the state of weightlessness, allowing all of life to flow and move magically and elegantly with magnificent intricacy.

Beautiful, immeasurable expansion awaits your being on this one…

Listen to the replay HERE:

Anamika worked so closely with us to bring you something not available ANYWHERE else. In fact, this is her very FIRST product, so we are getting an EXCLUSIVE here, folks! Yep, this BRAND NEW, never-ever before released. Woohoo!

Two incredible video workshops, in which YOU participate, and 3 transformational audio transmissions deliver a powerful opportunity to personally experience the palpable and potent energy that lovingly allows you to move out of the old paradigm of rules, laws, and old accepted understanding and into a new octave of love and reality, where huge abundance of light and love await you.

Get ready to play without boundaries, create the greatest good for you AND all … And just for the FUN of it.

Embody the natural essence of the gracefully flowing life and love that YOU are and have always been.

There is a significantly different energy here compared to what we offered when Healing With The Masters started over 5 years ago…

Experience completely new octaves of overflowing gratitude, boundless love, perfect abundance, infinite joy, and expansive intimacy… A whole different state of being where YOU ARE ALL OF IT.

Allow your higher self to be in a way that you’ve NEVER experienced.


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