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June 11th, 2013

Aligning With The Image of Our Desires With Mashhur Anam

Today’s conversation began by setting the intention to release any limiting stories or entanglements and let go of all barriers that prevent you from fully growing through ALL of your life events. Move into a place of unconditional love and allow your own consciousness to expand into a miraculous state of life transformation.

We shared some time through a Question & Answer call with Mashhur Anam and as he explained, the power of this call is not limited to the live experience. The replay holds the same beautiful capacity for transformation – listen in (Just Click Here) and experience what that the high-vibrating frequency can do in your reality.

By diving deeper into this life experience, expanding his consciousness and breaking down the individual components of what he sees, hears and feels, Mashhur is always in development of new systems to help us create greater harmony, welcome abundance, release limitation and so much more.

We explored what financial abundance looks like from a place of neutrality, embraced the image that comes forward, and dove into the process of aligning our experience with that desire… What a POWERFUL process. Open your heart to your true goals and define the path to achieve them. We all interpret information differently – increase your own awareness and discover how each pattern in YOUR LIFE can trigger unique responses.

Enjoy a guided meditation into the depths of all that you are and everything you can be and explore these processes through the minds and hearts of others in this Healing With The Masters Community.

THEN, learn the powers of Holographic Transformation and Harmonic Resonance and transform your relationship with the universal energies. It’s time to manifest your heart’s desires. Click the image below and explore all that Mashhur’s exclusive special offer has in store for your life!


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