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October 3rd, 2011

Ann Taylor – “The Best is Yet to Come”

Many people believe that the best times of their lives are behind them… 65% of Americans… 90% of Italians. Can you relate?

What if the best part of your life is yet to come? What if you could create a compelling future where you love getting out of bed in the morning, because you have something to look forward to? Maybe you second-guess yourself, or have a fear of making bad decisions. Or, like a lot of people today, perhaps your fear revolves around the issue of money.

A process exists which allows you to program and imprint your consciousness to eliminate fear, doubt and worry, and expand into a new vibration. Tonight, on Healing With The Masters, Ann Taylor used that process to facilitate dramatic shifts in energy, which Jennifer McLean aptly described as feeling like moving from a tub full of dense liquid to a clear glass.

The healing was powerful. Callers were empowered. And, the beauty of it is, that you can listen to the call over and over again, for deeper and deeper healing. How would it feel to be empowered by the belief and self-confidence that you can create the life of your dreams? It’s easy enough to find out… just check out the replay and enjoy!


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