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November 2nd, 2010

Be Spiritually Liberated Now with Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Tonight’s call on Healing with the Masters with our guest, Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, contained so much incredible content that expanded far beyond anything we could have imagined receiving in only one hour.

Rev. Michael shared with us how he became spiritually liberated, and he said that this opening occurred during his twenties. He experienced a very lucid dream where he was stabbed in the heart and died. It was this death that freed him from the old paradigm, and in this dream, he saw the universal presence was everywhere. He then went on a spiritual inquiry to seek answers to the awakening he experienced. What was beautiful is he told us that he’s still seeking answers every day because every time he experiences a shift in consciousness, he’s propelled forward. This is true for all of us.

Depending where we are and the spiritual practice(s) we follow, we’re probably more enlightened than we were before which means we’re all enlightened. Being enlightened is when we have an undistractable attention to what’s real, and we have a greater sense of compassion. Bliss isn’t enlightenment, but rather the activation of our potentiality.

Rev. Michael said that God can only be known through insights where we embrace the truth that we are emanations of this presence of love, beauty, and intelligence. When we’re in a moment of real meditation, we then catch the presence of God… in all its fullness… which is always all around us.

Of course, our perceptions, what we focus our attention on, can be thwarted at times. We were told that perception which is our point of view (our opinions) is different from vision which goes beyond the limitations of perception. It’s our spiritual practice that will extend our perception of what’s real because we make the chose to go within and be free (from the ego’s pull on us).

Our experiences change when our perceptions shift.

Rev. Michael said whenever we hear something, some of what we hear can bypass our filters of non-believing (i.e. Is what I’m hearing truth?, etc.), because our spirit knows whenever it hears truth, and it feels at home.

Sometimes, people will say that they get a “high” from spiritual experiences they have, and Rev. Michael said that they’re not really “high” they’re actually embracing what’s real about themselves… they’re in touch with they’re real identity because they’ve moved beyond the filters.

When we center our lives around meditation and prayer, we experience moments where we’ve chosen to stop and contemplate what’s real. When we first start meditating, we may feel like we’re forcing ourselves, but our lives will actually evolve to where everything is built around our spiritual practice. We’ll then notice the new things coming into our lives as a result of this new, higher vibration we’re radiating.

When the condition is ripe, the potential erupts.

What an incredibly powerful call!!!

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