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June 20th, 2012

Begin Truly Living – a Q&A Call With William Linville

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak again with William Linville through this special Q&A call on Healing With The Masters Encore Week. He is here to help you run forth into your brilliance and is dedicated to helping you discover your own unique path to fulfillment, abundance, and joy.

He explained that we all hold and harbor a collection of dogmatic weights or debris that prevents us from really flourishing. In order to release it, we must quicken our pace and begin to dance. Enter a state of dancing, flourishing, and playing in this great reality. Let go of the debris that clouds your true and authentic image. And, allow William to help you find the root of each and every issue that’s holding you back and overcome the hurdles of your past that get in the way of your future.

Here you are, completely waking up to you, again.

The group was able to experience lightness through release and celebration. William reassured everyone on the call that healing work is the opposite of weight and density and wants everyone to live through the power of light by just letting go.

He helped us release the negative effects of planetary energy on our physical bodies by commanding an opening and amplification that enables each and everyone who participates to flourish.

Flourish from your heart.

William also helped us to see the power of giving our true identity to another and wavering in our existence for the hope of acceptance. When we try to please the world rather than ourselves, we basically become invisible. It seems as though we’re alone and completely obsolete. Learn to live for you and fulfill your own wants, needs, and desires by first coming to terms with the difficult bits of your life. Ask for nothing but the truth and find the source of each issue.

When you know the truth about your painful experiences, you have a roadmap to releasing them.

Let go of your barriers, welcome a miraculous existence, and embrace your ability as a co-creator of this reality.

This was a fantastic follow up call with so many participants. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to listen to the replay, HERE and take a look at the healing content that awaits in the recordings of Healing With The Masters Season 9.

And, all of the proceeds of Healing With The Masters, Season 9’s Encore Week will go to the Unstoppable Foundation. This is an amazing cause that literally changes the lives of individuals around the world and you have the opportunity to contribute!

In addition to changing the world by making Healing With The Masters Season 9 a part of your daily life, you can also take William’s remarkable special offer home. He is only offering this unbelievably low price here, through Healing With The Masters, and once the offer ends, will return to offering these products individually at full cost. Join William, transform your Self through his guided meditations and workshops, and begin believing in the power of your life and your own abilities. This is your chance to transform your life, allow him to show you how, HERE.


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