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November 9th, 2010

Being Happier than God with Neale Donald Walsch

Why is the Law of Attraction so deep in the ego (“gimme, gimme, gimme”), but not about the collective conscious? What a great way to start off tonight’s call on Healing with the Masters with our incomparable guest, Neale Donald Walsch. This question was the premise for his latest book, Happier than God.

Neale spoke about how so many people are focusing on the material of what they can have by “using” the Law of Attraction (LOA), but also how so many of them seem to feel like they’re failing in their manifestations. Why? Perhaps, their focus is on using God’s energy, instead of directing His energy not only for what they want… but so others can also have what they want. If we ignore the direction, or God (which is where our power comes from), we place ourselves at a disadvantage in the game of life.

We need to know that our lives have nothing to do with us. But when we use the Law of Attraction to attract only the material, we miss our soul’s purpose, or desire. It’s when were happy with what is already in front of us that we can emanate more of the same into our lives.

Gratitude begets more things coming into our lives to be grateful for.

Neale said we also need to understand that whatever is showing up for us is perfect, or it wouldn’t show up. Evolution only knows one direction, and that’s forward. When we allow what is without expectaton of how we want it to be, we embody this perfection even more. Each moment is co-created as a collaborative effort between each soul involved. This reference holds especially true when we’re dealing with feelings of loss and grief. The passing of love ones (human and animal) often brings many benefits such as learning the lesson that person, or pet, offered us, by observing their lives with more compassion and detachment (releasing why we think they did something, or shouldn’t have done something… as seeing what simply was).

We need to invite our soul to join our mind in a collaboration which will, ultimately, change our perception of the events in our lives. When our brains are scrambled with new information, any information, it can become paralyzed… or resistent because it doesn’t have the data to compare to what it is seeing. The mind only holds what it chooses to see which is limited data, while the soul sees all which is the truth. This is a key point. We should embrace the events in our lives, and view everything through the soul’s eyes. Celebrate this collaboration.

When we release the energy of the “problem”, we move very quickly towards a solution.

A very powerful, profound, and transformative call!

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