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May 20th, 2010

Believing Your Biology with Bruce Lipton

“A human is a skinned covered petri dish with about 50 Trillion cells in it.”

Well, that’s surely one way of looking at ourselves. Last night on Healing with the Masters, we had the most beautiful, profound, and information filled conversation with the prolific Bruce Lipton, the renowned cell biologist. It was really quite a remarkable call. In only one hour, Bruce changed the way we viewed the world and the powerful role we play in the earth changes. Of course, only Bruce can get us to be humorous in how we see ourselves at a cellular level.

Bruce had a couple of aha moments that opened him up to spirituality. It was the cells that he was working with that he credits for awakening him. What he saw in the culture dishes completely contradicted what he was teaching to his medical students. It was then that he left academia to pursue a more “rock and roll” lifestyle where we learned that he had befriended a young college kid named Yanni (yes, THE Yanni). Bruce purchased his equipment, and off they went to do a laser show… which wasn’t very successful. Thankfully, Bruce returned to the sciences and teaching, but he returned as a spiritual biologist, instead of his previous mindset of being a mechanical one.

When Bruce was working with cells, he noticed that when he changed their environment, he learned that it wasn’t the gene that controlled the fate of the cells at all. When we’re not feeling well, and we choose medicate ourselves, we’re not treating the sick cells. It’s only when we change the environment where the cells live to one that is supportive, loving, and healthy that we become well.

A human is a community of cells.

We’ve been systematically dis-empowered to break up our communities, our families. The media keeps us trapped in the “collapse and catastrophes” that are springing up, and we’re being told that we need to look out for ourselves. We have sadly forgotten that the collective energy of a group is where our power is. Humanity cannot survive if the cells (us) are competing with one another.

If enough people become more coherent and supportive of the community around them, we’ll experience a spontaneous remission where we’ll heal the world because we chose to change our perceptions. We’ll not only recover ecosystems, but we’ll also heal ourselves. It’s time for us to move away from the victim mentality that society wants to hold us in, and start taking responsibility for our lives. If we anchor ourselves in fear then the chemicals that our brain secretes will dramatically undermine our health. We’re the only ones with our perceptions, and only we can control what we perceive. No one else can do this for us.

Right now, we’re going through a consciousness evolution; it’s the organization of humanity that is evolving. We’re also moving from being human to embracing a sense of humanity through community and intention. We’re remembering the importance of communities like ours here on earth… and Bruce called us the imaginal cells in human consciousness evolution.

So, what are imaginal cells? They’re the cells that take a caterpillar to a butterfly… that’s us!

After listening to this call, you will feel more empowered and alive, and you WILL likely want more of his amazing perspectives, SOOOO…..

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