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June 4th, 2013

Breathe in Golden Healing Light with James Van Praagh and Rikka Zimmerman

We had a very special show with James Van Praagh today and were able to experience an hour or so as the wonderful Rikka Zimmerman led the conversation. As many of you may already know, Jennifer’s dear sister and soul-mate Abbie passed away from her injuries – Jennifer is spending this challenging time with family as they experience the sudden grief together.

From Jennifer:
“My sister and I were a unit and she was my only sibling I will miss her with all my heart. She was one of those bright lights for so many souls; intelligent, funny, thoughtful, kind and loving. She was the real deal and more. Abbie is one of those rare individuals who loved me for all my gifts and flaws. I was always able to be fearless in pursuing peace on this planet through my business, with her love as my platform to stand upon.

Even though she has passed, I still feel her with me, and she is bright, shining, happy and very much present.”

Through this hour or so with James and Rikka we explored the shock of this physicality, the rebirth after death, the change of awareness that occurs when this physicality changes and so much more. James led us through a healing meditation with the intention of embracing those who are moving on or have already moved onto the next state of awareness and consciousness.

As you listen to this replay (By Clicking Here) hold love and peace in your space, consider the power that each question holds for you, and embrace the potential that this Question and Answer session is offering your own life.

We move around this Earth with the breath of God… Discover what James means as he helps everyone breathe in the beautiful golden light. You can invite positive energy into and around your being, all it takes the a desire and commitment.

Join in and explore by clicking James’ link below and embark on a wonderful journey into the heart and soul of all that you are!


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