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May 6th, 2010

Celebrating Your Partnerships with Alison Armstrong

Ever wonder why partnerships between men and women can oftentimes be so incredibly difficult? Well, tonight’s guest, Alison Armstrong, shared some great and useful information on why that is, and what we can do to improve how we relate and partner with others.

How many times have you tried relating to your partner, and you feel like you just hit a brick wall? Alison said our difficulties come about because we assume we’re interacting with someone who is just like us; our mirrored image of how we feel, understand, and interact with life. What we’re doing is having default relationships that can leave us feeling unvalidated, disrespected, and unappreciated.

Unlike women, men instinctively create plans that will hold themselves accountable. Plans that will only produce results for everyone involved because it’s natural for them to be in this accountability space. For example, say you want to get married, but he doesn’t. It isn’t because he doesn’t love you; the reason could be that he just doesn’t think that he’ll be successful in holding up his accountability because of all that is involved in that commitment (family, home, etc.). He needs to feel that his plan will be one of great success, and that everyone involved will be happy.

Talk out loud about accountability and the support that’s needed to be successful in those areas.

When we’re in relationships, we instinctively size each other up by who should be accountable. We do this based on the results (does this require more physical work, more patience, etc.). Unfortunately, this is all done silently, and we unconsciously move ourselves around to make the plan happen. What we don’t realize is that we can have intelligent conversations about creating something that works for everyone.

Alison believes that talking is an aftermarket component instead of something that was factory installed. As a species, this is usually the last thing we do when it comes to how we communicate with each other. But it should be the first.

Men instinctively have another relationship with life… they naturally conserve energy; they don’t state the obvious; and they feel that everything can be used against them (warrior mentality; don’t want plan to be thwarted).

This instinctive concealment comes from a man’s innate ability to not share their plans, but when they do, they need to have a big payoff (positive feedback from the woman).

It’s also important for women to state very clearly what they need when they know of a man’s plan because men love to score points on the happy board.

We learned all this in just the first half of the show, and there was so much more to learn that would help us in celebrating the partnerships in our lives. You just have to listen to this call… it will truly change how you interact with one another!

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