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August 20th, 2014

Conscious Emergence With Derek Rydall

Derek is a true master when it comes to congruence and the Laws of Emergence and we soared into an entirely different dimension AND perspective with this show.

We learned how our broadcasted consciousness is projected in every single person and thing we encounter, and we experienced an activation so powerful (and subtle) that we moved deeply into, embodied AND FELT the wholeness of our heavenly abundance… And we are STILL floating from this one.

Derek also shared his 3 Core Foundational Steps to Emergence and we learned how to tune-in to and welcome the inexhaustible frequency of wealth and abundance that is already within.

The profoundly glorious space of emergence energy lead us to a remarkable Q&A that opened our beings, advanced our conscious awareness, moved heaps of underlying barriers and brought forward the exact messages of enlightenment that we need right now.

Get ready to activate, generate and circulate the inexhaustible wealth within you that’s been anxiously waiting to come out.

Truly activate and live in this world as the Source that you have always been…

This powerful program guides you to really understand that no one AND nothing outside of you is your Source.

Go way deep into the 7 Secret Gifts of Giving and activate and boost your very own God-like ability to manifest everything you need while blessing everyone you touch.

Experience grand activations and disintegrations and make the universe your silent success partner in everything you do.

As you prepare to reap the rewards of your soul’s journey of wealth and manifestation, Derek’s Quantum Healing work accompanies you in the background and energizes your unique spiritual signature deeper and deeper each day.

Experience total life emergence as you go way deep into wealth mastery and begin to manifest your wealth in health, creativity, personality, relationships, career and SO MUCH MORE.


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