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November 30th, 2010

Defying Gravity with Caroline Myss

Tonight’s call, with our guest, Caroline Myss, marked the end of another great season of Healing with the Masters, and what a powerful call it was.

Caroline spoke of her definition of defying gravity. She said mystics approach their experiences through God; they are weightless in these experiences. A mystic is someone who is blessed with the experience of the Divine, and that they have been taken out on a profound grace of the experiences of God where they saw the truth of the nature of God. They become the love of God; something the mind cannot comprehend.

Caroline said that truth is the most powerful force there is, and a mystic is drawn to the journey of knowing this truth.

When we have love versus imagining it, we see that love determines us and not the other way around. When we have love, we drop all that we used to believe and begin to focus on what we’ve come to know as the true experience of the nature of the Divine. When we know the truth, we drop the fear of believing that the worlds we’ve known will collapse, or cease to exist.

When we grasp the mystical truth that we’re all one, we then grasp that what we do to others, we also do to ourselves. When we choose not to grasp this truth, we have truth meltdowns. We defend our old beliefs, and we shun the beliefs, or truths, of others.

Everything is connected.

Caroline told us that the journey of the sacred is prayer. Not petition prayer where we ask for things that will feed the ego, but prayer where we seek a deeper connection with God. The Path of Self-Knowledge is when we’ve embarked on the journey of inner reflection and illumination. The path we began by asking ourselves…

Why am I so afraid of being humiliated>

Why do I fear the truth?

Why do I fear speaking the truth?

What is my relationship with truth?

Humiliation is the main fear of humans. Caroline said that some fear going into prayer because they may hear guidance that will direct them to do something that will humiliate them. But when we look at our fears, we then get to the essence of why we do, or don’t., want to be of greater service. We’ll see that our old belief was that God was in service to us, and not that we are actually in service to God.

Caroline suggested we write a list of 10 things that we decided (not someone else) humiliate us. This list will illuminate what we’re afraid of at the deepest level.

The path you’re on is neither right nor wrong.

This was a really great call that ended with Caroline listing the graces! And to end the season with bang…

Caroline has a pretty fantastic offer just for Healing with the Masters listeners. She’s offering 3 amazing products… Defy Gravity – The Application of Mystical Laws into Your Everyday Life, a 3-Day workshop (available on Video On Demand) where she examines the kinds of laws that we live by, focusing on mystical laws; Checklist of Health Issues and Illness, that allows you a fast and easy way to identify your own personal blocks and to allow you to work on removing these blocks; and Personal Nutrition Provider, allows you a fast and easy way to identify your personal chemistry.

This offer retails for $250, but it’s yours for only $97… a WHOPPING 60% DISCOUNT!



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