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May 13th, 2010

Dialoging with Your Body with Jennifer McLean

Tonight’s guest on Healing with the Masters… was ME, and I talked a lot about the importance of moving into your bodies to create the life that you want.

I started the call with a question that Ulrike asked. He wanted to know a little about my story, and how I became a healer. Well, a challenge showed up that nudged me and made me pay attention to aspects that weren’t in alignment with me. Like most of you, my life showed up because of my desire to want something different. I was nudged to find a healing modality and found a practitioner who did CranioSacral Therapy. Through this therapy, I was cured in 2 months from the headaches and migraines that had plagued me for years. I knew then that this was the direction that I wanted to go, so I started studying various modalities like CranioSacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Eric Pearl’s The Reconnection, and Jo Dunning’s Quick Pulse Technique. These modalities helped me discover the energies that were already within me, eventually helping me to discover my Body Dialoging. Now, it’s my belief that all healers have their own system of healing within them, and that the training we receive is great practice for us to discover that system.

I’ve was asked to explain Body Dialoging and how it works. Body Dialoging is when you move inside the body and move into partnership with your soul. This system allows you to move inside this sacred partnership and ask what the body needs and why something has shown up. But how do you know when your body is asking for something? For starters, emotional triggers like anger and annoyance are messages, just like pain, dis-ease, and illness.

Many of us work through pain meaning we’re not paying attention, but illness and dis-ease stop us and force us to notice. Accidents, job loss, or foreclosure are also very loud signals that we’re not showing up. If we address triggers in the moment, we won’t have loud signals stopping us and forcing us to pay attention.

In every single moment, the body is delivering messages, and life’s ups and downs are simply moments of contractions. When things happen, they can provide beautiful pathways for us to deepen and get stronger.

When you don’t listen, the volume increases.

I think we’re here to experience the plateaus of love and pain using the challenges that show up, and that we’re not here to learn anything. Everything is heightened in human form, particularly, when you’re fully moving to express the Divine, but the challenges can sometimes be too much, and you may feel like you’re being oppressed or repressed. You need to always remember that everything that shows up is there for you. All of it!

If you can change your perception of this to a what if, what do you think what shows up could do for you? Abundance is just this… when you move your perception away from the victim mentality, you step into the knowing that you are a creator.

You’re not someone that things happen to;
“you’re someone in command of your life.”

When you change your energy, in the moment, all possibilities are available. Try playing with the energy of what if

What if what was meant for you can never ever be lost? What if this was true?

What if everything that is showing up is for you?

What if the body is responding to your beliefs and thoughts that may have gotten stuck within it?

What if they’re showing up to get you in the direction that is more in alignment with your dreams?

What if…

What shows up is a miracle… even the challenges.

Is it so hard to imagine waking up every day and saying… what if today was here for me?

During the second half of the show, I guided the audience through Body Dialoging, helping them to listen to their intuition through the body’s response to yes and no. I have to say that tonight’s call was truly powerful and transformative. I’m not saying this because it was my show; I’m saying this because of what listeners shared with me in emails shortly after the call ended.

Ok, now I am still A LITTLE excited about my amazing annual real world event taking place in Costa Mesa California AND also streamed LIVE, so you can watch in your living room, The Art of Life Mastery – Embracing What Is.

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Even thought my special offer to attend at a discounted rate has expired, I still hope you will join us!

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