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May 23rd, 2013

Discovering Self-Definition With Neale Donald Walsch

Do you know that YOU are the master you are seeking? YOU are the light that shines through on these calls, the spark that allows all of us to grow. Tonight, we spent an hour or so with Neale Donald Walsch on Healing With The Masters and…WOW.

Neale has touched millions of lives through Conversations With God and his number of other series and titles and it was incredible to play in that beautiful insight and wisdom with our Healing With The Masters community.

As he shared, “What flows through you, sticks to you,” and it really applies to all aspects of life. Life really is not a school – it is a process of remembering the body of God.

Allow yourself to rejoin the community of all that is and dedicate to doing what you really came here to do. Choose to know yourself fully and experience yourself completely.

It’s time to move out of your mind and into your heart. Live this life as you are meant to – as divinity made manifest. You are a being of the Divine and miraculous.

Join Neale by CLICKING HERE and listening to his replay. Discover how every act is an act of self-definition and become aware of how you write your story.

Neale’s Special Offer: Welcome a life sculpted by You with a Heartcenter focus and an intent to inspire the most joy possible by exploring the potential of the most-packed collection of powerful, insightful, shift-inspiring, vibration raising, absolutely wonderful tools we have offered this season. Just click below to begin exploring your Divine expression.


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