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December 18th, 2012

Embrace Your Humanity

Each one of these shows is energized with the frequencies you need to really build and grow as you progress along your journey. This fourth call in Encore Week with Panache Desai was an AMAZING follow-up to the conversation we shared a week or so ago.
As he shared, this is an incredible time and you, as a part of the community that is making a difference, are making a transition into a new state of being.

Do no discount or underestimate the importance of you.
You have the ability to make every moment a time of greater opportunity and to inspire blessing and grace amidst humanity.

Allow the fullness of spirit to bloom through your existence by knowing that YOU are powerful and YOU have the ability to influence and inspire this world.

So, embrace your humanity and allow all that you are to be.
This is your opportunity to have a positive impact and to leave this planet in better condition than when you first inhabited it.

Panache shared so much from the heart and moved everyone on the call to feel into who they are and move into a new place of compassion and love – Be sure to listen in.


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