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November 24th, 2010

Experience Full Throttle Abundance with Mary A. Hall

We talked at great length tonight on Healing with the Masters about the importance of embracing our humanness, and our guest, Mary A. Hall, did an excellent job in guiding us to a deeper understanding of how to do this.

We were told that we’re divine beings of light and love living in our bodies, but our duality is we think we’re humans… living in our bodies. Mary said the more we do the energy play in our hearts, the more we actually get to embrace our humanness. What this means is when we’re being present to who we really are, we acknowledge the heart connection and experience greater expansion and openness.

Mary told us that our heart energy is always there for us to embrace, and as we embrace, we get to experience the higher part of ourselves… the divine within us. As we continue to embrace what is, we go deeper and experience the next level of awareness. And as we embrace ourselves, it then becomes easier to embrace others.

When we have expectations, we find that we’re triggered more often. But when we become present, the “upset” will diminish… release its grip on us, and our perceptions will change.

Mary said forgiveness is the key piece to living from the heart. And maybe, just maybe, we’re here so we can fully embrace this humanness because in the end… love triumphs.

She gave us a wonderful analogy to help us better understand what it means to embrace our humanness. Think of the glass half full or half empty concept. Mary said usually when we’re viewing the glass, our attention is on the non-liquid portion, what we don’t have that we want. the liquid itself is “what is” which is the part that we can see; the part that is there right in front of us. When we focus on this portion of the glass in a positive appreciative way, then we can THEN experience the EXPANSION of what’s already here; what’s present. In turn, when we continually focus on the part of the glass that is empty, we experience the expansion of what isn’t there, or what hasn’t happened yet… an usually get more of the same.

What you focus on, expands.

Mary said we can acknowledging “what is” (in this analogy the liquid portion of the glass) more often by, Try something new… every day. PLAY with your life, allow the good and the perceived “bad” to show up and play with your response to them, focusing on “what is” in appreciation and in a playful experimental way. And watch your life change into flow, love even happiness AND watch the miracles show up.

I’ve been waiting all season for this call, and as expected, it was truly amazing and moving!

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