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May 30th, 2013

Explore The Healing Power of Water With Clayton Nolte

Can you say “WOW?” It was SO GREAT to share another hour with Clayton Nolte on this Healing With The Masters Encore Week Call!

There is such a beautiful energy that has come to the surface and really been strengthened over the course of this 11th Healing With The Masters season. If you haven’t had the chance to experience all these calls CLICK HERE to bring them home. This has been such an amazing season of transformational calls in this first year of the Aquarian Age and we’ve learned and grown so much.

Clayton shared how he came to know the incredible power of water, offered insight into his experience and journey of discovery and opened our eyes (even wider!) to the energetic power that water holds.

When you’re drinking energetic water, it comes into your body with the power to move right into your cellular level… Energetically-charged water literally moves straight to where your body needs it most. How AMAZING is that?!

Clayton shared so much really valuable information about what structured water means for our bodies – this conversation is one that really NEEDS to be listened to. CLICK HERE and welcome this powerful information. THEN, explore the tools he talks about by clicking below.

Welcome a new experience, completely re-shaped by the Dynamically Enhanced line of water structuring units that work synergistically to provide you with better health, in EVERY aspect of your life. Bring these tools into your day-to-day and welcome the power of structured water for yourself; just click below to explore the possibilities!


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