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November 18th, 2010

Exploring Spiritual Partnerships with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

It was an absolute joy speaking with Gary and his wife and spiritual partner, Linda Francis, on tonight’s call on Healing with the Masters. Gary spoke again about what Spiritual Partnerships are. He said they’re partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth, and where each partner is creating authentic power.

Gary and Linda Francis told us that we can’t find spiritual partners in others. We first have to decide that our spiritual growth is our highest priority by becoming very familiar with ourselves and the parts that don’t want to change. It’s also important for us to acknowledge the caring, nurturing, and supportive parts of our personality. We must change ourselves. Gary said we have to frequently challenge the fear-born parts of our personality. When we relinquish control, we become a spiritual partner to ourselves; we become honest and real.

We must challenge the fear, and cultivate love within us.

Linda Francis told us that Spiritual Partnerships aren’t just for couples. We can have Spiritual Partnerships with our children, siblings, co-workers, employers, or anyone who is open to having this kind of partnership.

The old model was to change others; the new model is to change ourselves. Gary said a new consciousness is being born. When we get to know the frightened parts, we can choose different outcomes for ourselves. We do so by injecting consciousness into the moment, by turning our attention inward and away from the trigger. When we get to know the frightened parts, we get to see what part of us was triggered.

Well… I had the perfect opportunity to work through a trigger. During the call, my cell phone suddenly died, and I was disconnected. So, as I was going through the emotions of how this could have possibly happened, tonight of all nights, the cord on the hotel phone decided that it too didn’t want to cooperate once I reconnected to the call.

Gary and Linda Francis used this technical hiccup to show us that creating authentic power isn’t always easy. Gary said instead of focusing on the trigger and our expectations of how we think things should be, we should focus on the emotions that show up. Awareness gives us options to make choices; it doesn’t make things go away. When we’re aware, we’re being challenged to not act on emotion; when we’re open to healing, the Universe will give us more opportunities to heal. As we continue to change, the control the trigger has over us will diminish.

No matter the experience, it is always for our spiritual development.

Gary said triggers, or reactions, won’t instantly go away, but it’s our commitment and willingness to challenge what shows up that will help us heal.

This was a really beautiful call that allowed me… to go deeper and heal.

If you want to go deeper and become a spiritual partner to yourself, I invite you to visit Gary and Linda Francis’ site, www.SeatoftheSoul.com!

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