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November 15th, 2011

Geneen Roth – The Spiritual Aspects of Food

Tonight we had a wonderful and fun time with the amazing Geneen Roth, on Healing With The Masters.

This lively, relevant conversation, focused on the spiritual aspects of food, but the wisdom can easily be applied to all other aspects of life, including your relationship with money.

You are a living transmitter of what you believe and what you eat is a reflection of your beliefs about yourself. Take a look at what’s on your plate, because you are acting out your beliefs about yourself in every moment, including the choices you make about what to put into your body.

This enlightening program prompted us to reconsider the role food plays in our lives. Instead of denying yourself, what if you could recognize the triggers that prompt binge eating? What feelings are you trying to numb or distract yourself from? Do you feel like you can’t have the love you want? The freedom? Relationships? Job? All of those beliefs you have about yourself play a part in what and when you choose to eat.

What do you really want?

Most of us have scary stories about what would happen if we allowed ourselves to feel our feelings. We allow those stories to run our lives. We have lists of lies about ourselves that we never question. Geneen Roth offers a different orientation on your relationship with yourself. She asks that you assume you are exquisitely smart and wise and that you’re doing what you’re doing for very good reasons. Then, ask yourself, “What are those reasons?”

She asks that you become curious with yourself, and that you lavish kindness and tenderness upon yourself. If your intention were to be exquisitely kind to yourself, what would that look like? Would you eat when you’re not hungry? Would you keep eating when you’ve had enough?

Some of us use food and our body weight to speak for us in ways that we don’t feel capable or allowed to speak for ourselves. “Keep away. Don’t come close. No!” We keep relationships out because we’re scared of intimacy. What if, instead of using our bodies to say, “Keep away,” we became interested in ourselves and curious about learning what’s going on with us?

Are you ready to take back that power that you’ve given to food and to your weight? Because, it’s yours anyway… It’s you who’s saying, “Keep away.” You can find more direct ways to say that and be in a body at a comfortable and natural weight, without making yourself miserable.

When you’re in pain, hurting, in some way, and you turn to food for comfort, you double your pain. Although it tastes good, by the time you’re done, you are still left with your original pain and you now have added the pain of guilt on top of it.

There’s power in the moment of your decision. There is power in unwinding the relationship with food if it’s painful for you. You can find yourself. Your relationship with food is a doorway. You can use your relationship with food as a doorway to an ecstatic part of you that you have never been in touch with.

Geneen shared 7 Eating Guidelines that are so intuitive that 4 year olds follow them, before they’ve been entranced by sugar. If you just follow these guidelines, you will lose weight. But, if you follow them because what you want to do is lose weight, they will become like a diet and she gave this caveat about diets. They can easily turn into rules. When you turn things into rules around food, you end up rebelling. And she offered this wisdom, which she playfully refers to the 4th Law of the Universe – For every diet there is an equal and opposite binge.

The intention with Geneen’s work is to get you back in touch with what you knew when you were a young child, the natural rhythms of being hungry and satisfied when your body has had enough.

You have to be willing to believe in yourself enough to stop trashing yourself. To do this, you have to really want to change. If all you want is to lose weight, there are lots of easier ways to do it.

People think that being thin will make us happy. Unless you feel good and centered in yourself; unless you have some sense of knowing who you are, it doesn’t matter what you weigh. The problem is that being thin does not bestow happiness on people. Happiness is having a different kind of relationship with yourself and using your relationship with food as a doorway to that relationship with yourself.

If you’re ready to walk through that doorway, you may want to take a look at Geneen’s Special Offer. This is an awesome package, and offered at a super, steep discount, just for you as a participant in Healing With The Masters.

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