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June 25th, 2014

HOLY Unity – Christopher Tims’ Soul-Shifting Replay

Christopher took us on a mystical journey through the all-encompassing path of true enlightenment and creation energy.

Through a series of newly exposed yet ancient teachings, sacred affirmations and beautiful processes, we learned how to consciously awaken and INSTANTLY unify with Source to embody the true nature of the creative mystic that we each are.

Our interactive Q&A was profoundly beautiful and uplifting as your intentions, desires, inquiries and experimenting created incredible change for a LOT of lives and showed us the real potential for living in this new paradigm of freedom and bliss.

Prepare to experience a very different and fresh energy that delivers you to a new perspective on experiencing life and reveals the possibilities for the greatest greatness of being.

Are you ready to move into the expansiveness that you are and open your entire being to the limitless possibility you hold?

Christopher is delivering a fresh aspect of ascension and awakening AND it’s not available outside his mystery school classes…

This is BRAND NEW power-packed material, created JUST for this offer and developed with YOU in mind. For the first time ever, you’ll have access to the the insider secrets, myths, and understandings that will liberate you into a natural dance and flow of life.

You’ll build on what you’ve already learned through his powerful Healing With The Masters show and develop a roadmap to living consciously and playing fully in your power.

Welcome your infinite greatness and embark on a journey into the heart and soul of YOU.


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