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July 16th, 2014

Instant Harmonic Alignment Replay with Mashhur Anam

Mashhur delivered BIG TIME on this one and we tapped into the miraculously supportive holographic energy of the stars and universe, which imbued us with newfound hope, power, trust and confidence.

By detaching from expectation and judgment, we learned how to refine our unified matrix, which projects our reality, and connect to new morphic fields and algorithms for finding the purpose in all of life’s events (no matter their appearance).

A powerful, 5th-dimensional process disconnected us from old patterns, creating the sacred space for the acceleration of our highest good. And this potent, high-vibrational energy carried over into our Q&A where beautiful messages and insights transformed our energy fields, aligned us with harmony and created a platform of brand new possibility.

We went so deep on this call, our consciousness was heightened and we’ve entered a brand new dimension of being…

Listen to the replay and tap into the fabulous tools and teachings for creating new resonance.

Listen to the replay HERE:

If you are ready to advance into the next level in your morphic field and establish & maintain the harmonic vibrational resonance of abundance to create miracles across all areas of your life, one of these (or maybe both) is for YOU.

Masshur compiled three different options for your exponential peace & prosperity and we could not be more excited about these incredibly powerful systems of healing and re-awakening….

From Holographic Transformational Tools such as rings of harmony, vision board, energetic downloads, liquid luck, and group coaching from Masshur, himself, these instruments will pulse through you, radiating your information to the entire planet and connecting you to miracles abound.

And, with Bridge to the 5th Dimension, you’ll access your ascension blueprint and integrate its vibration RIGHT NOW as you infuse FIVE powerful AND new holographic matrices into your existence.

You are the creative force in your life and these special tools, along with Mashhur’s personal guidance, will help you harness your miraculous powers of creativity and manifestation.

Are you ready to connect with your Divinity and unlock your hidden potentials?

Check one, two, or BOTH out now… Up to 99% off!


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