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November 17th, 2011

Jean Houston – Activating the Vast Creative Forces of Inner Space

We had the great honor tonight of experiencing just a snippet of the expansive mind and heart of Dr. Jean Houston. The breadth and depth of this woman’s knowledge will astound you.

Her unique gifts span a global consciousness imbued with relevant, cutting edge information, buoyed by a rich understanding of history, the human landscape and the cosmos. Entertaining and thought provoking, her humor and infectious story telling draw you into her world of magnificent possibilities.

The topics ranged from how information technology is creating an unprecedented worldwide interrelationship, “so that the world mind is taking a walk with itself,” to cell biology and the concept of Epigenetics.

The new story of emergence through emergency is happening simultaneously all over the world. Virtually everybody is getting the tools to participate in a hyper-connected world. This change has happened in just a few decades. It means we have to adapt and develop all manner of new capacities. We are coded and loaded with potentials few of us ever needed to use, and now we do. We need to adapt to a world that is an entirely different reality than the one we’re prepared for.

Right now this totally new world environment is turning on the world mind in a way that has never been known before. We have to begin to access the vast domains of inner space, of the ecology of the inner world.

Jean shared methods she uses to train her students to exactly that by using their extended internal senses, extended psycho/physical awareness and extended psychological and mythical realms, to tap into the many different people and skill sets that reside within each of us. She spoke about our ability to use time differently to accomplish in 5 minutes what use to take an hour.

The most important part of this colossal new human survival story is a collective effort, with women rising to full partnership with men, creating an immense addition to the mind scope of who we are and of what we are capable.

The discussion turned to spiritual sourcing and how everyday spiritual practice will be the future norm with people drawing upon what she calls a “divine delicatessen” of the spiritual knowing, not only of the great religious traditions, but also of the great shamanic traditions, all coming together to give us access to capacities that before did not seem possible.

“The notion of awakening is the once and future demand of the human condition.” We are in what Jean calls “jump time,” an acceleration of reality such as we have never known before. In her book of the same name, she writes of the evolutionary pulse arising from the universe and how each individual is an integral part of this unfinished symphony of the cosmos.

Ultimately, Jean believes, this is what the Occupy Movements are about. Not just the gross unfairness in the banking and economic systems, but also it’s a waking-up to the fact that we are the ones with the capacity to grow or die. With her hand on the evolutionary pulse of change, every morning Jean counsels organizers of the Occupy Movement from around the world. She tells them, what she tells us now. Begin to strategize. What are you for? Wake up and do something. Go back to your communities and be of tremendous use. Tap into the vast resources of your inner space. Show those Wall Streeters that you can make a difference as you grow into your capacities and respond to these huge challenges, in these most unprecedented times, like no other in human history. This is it! The time is now, and we have a huge roll to play.

As an “adopted” daughter, Jean was at the bedside of the great, Margaret Mead when she died. Mead told her to forget everything she had taught her about politics and the world because if we’re going to grow and green our time, it’s a question of people getting together in teaching and learning communities.

It’s about people growing together in body, mind and spirit, and then on the basis of this deepening, broadening and a growing understanding of knowing what they have to do, responding. If people are working together in teaching/learning communities, the world will survive.

Dr. Jean Houston has taken that advise to heart, creating teaching and learning communities all over the world.

Right here, in this moment, you are part of her community. Tap into the information on this dynamic call. Find out what is meant by social artistry, and what a male/female complimentary society looks like. Learn how to activate your own inner artist. Discover the significance of positive fractals. Find out how you can activate all the divine forces in the universe to achieve your biggest dreams! Really!

These are proven methods for lasting, meaningful and dramatic change, created in the mind of one of the greatest and most brilliant teachers of our time.

Listen to the replay. There are great big take-aways here in the exercises she shared!

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There’s a reason Jean Houston showed up on this planet, offering her unique gifts to the world now. There’s a reason you are in a position to receive them!

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