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September 22nd, 2015

Jo Dunning’s Replay – Seeing The Gifts Within Life’s Varying Seasons

Wow… Jo Dunning‘s on-the-spot, high-frequency ignitions, activations and transmissions gracefully moved us into a whole new plane of being.

…And I felt the physical change INSTANTLY.

Her energetic support and beautiful insights refined our perception of this powerful time of transformation on the planet, sparking within us a new attitude of awareness and appreciation for the gifts within life’s varying seasons.

Jo so generously offered us a mini-workshop that guided us to unfold and unfurl in whole new ways and open into manifesting mastery.

From transmuting and dissolving physical, financial and relationship challenges, to breaking our old habits of patterned reactions and limiting beliefs, our live Q&A laid a perfect foundation for a life of happiness, balance, comfort and hope.

Listen to the replay HERE (use the password healing to access it) and experience what our listeners described as “instant lift and unburdening of my pain,” “subtle, permeating energies of love, assurance, nurturing, healing” and “complete centering and balancing of the soul.”

And, if you’re ready for complete mental, emotional and physical restoration, Jo’s BRAND NEW Light Wand technology will help you harness the power of Universal Life Force energy to enliven and support your overall health and wellness and that of your loved ones (including your pets).

Click HERE to tap into an unlimited wellspring of Life Force energy, learn how to accelerate the healing process and prepare to overcome all forms of trauma in your life.


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