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June 22nd, 2012

Just Look Up – A Q&A Call With Rikka Zimmerman

This has been one of the most powerful seasons we’ve ever had and we are so blessed to bring it to a close with Rikka Zimmerman. This is the last of our Q&A calls and is effectively the last call of Healing With The Masters Season 9.

In order to extend the reach of this season even further, we’ve decided to dedicate all of the proceeds of Healing With The Masters Season 9, Encore Week, to the Unstoppable Foundation. We’re going to be adopting another village in Africa and want you to be an essential part of literally transforming lives around the world.

In this call, Rikka called everyone to honor who you are at this most important time in human evolution. She is the midwife of this new energetic signature and definitely ushered us into a new way of being.

She helped us open up the world by embracing our gifts and sharing them with all of humanity. We were able to embody the fullness of ourselves where need, want, lack, and desire, no longer exist.

What could you choose to have in your life if you are everything? 

If you just look up, there is a beautiful platter overflowing with your abundance. You can put down the shovel and stop digging in the muck. Your divine life awaits – all you need is to open your eyes to the truth of your own magnificence.

Let you come home to You.

Rikka also helped us embrace that money is just paper we’ve printed. She helped us to destroy and un-create the notion that we need money in order to accomplish something. Let go of all the limitations you’ve wrapped up into money. As she explained, it’s insignificant and is in true essence, it’s just paper.

Prevent money from becoming the enemy that takes you away from you. Care about your Self and embrace the beauty of your own existence. You are an infinite being.

Remember, the secret to having money is not caring about having money.


Rikka really knocked it out of the park on this call and enabled everyone to release some of the most firmly-held constructs surrounding self, love, money, and belief. Be present for your life. Live the day, today. Don’t look back on the past years of your life attempting to understand why today isn’t as you’d hoped – know that you are an infinite being with the power to define your own reality. Take the active steps to make every second the most beautiful experience you could ever ask for.

You can shape your future; just be present and look up.

When you commit to taking this season home for the improvement of your own Self, you also offer a new way of life to others. As you listen to this replay (Just CLICK HERE to do so), take some time to think about how it would feel to have a hand in changing the lives of men, women, and children you’ve never met. And remember, spread love, joy and compassion as you pursue the passions of your own heart. Be present for today and break free of the misunderstandings that hold you back. Rikka’s commitment to your growth has led her to offer an incredible special offer package. CLICK HERE to discover how your life can be transformed. Never stop growing, never stop learning, and never stop loving.


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