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June 15th, 2012

Let your Soul Dance With Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette joined us this time around on Healing With The Masters Encore Week and we had a really amazing experience right from the beginning. We were able to play with being more aware and receptive to the energies around us.

Sonia invited us into an experience that inspired a release and helped us to pull our energy back into the center of our hearts. She helped us to get in touch with our real authority and asked the question of “If I weren’t afraid, I would…” The result was a beautiful realization of the vibrant and joyful life that we can lead. Listen to your heart and your truly fulfilling desires will take the stage, propelling you into a world of playful employment.

The throat is the chimney of the heart – open that door and give your heart a voice.

When you allow your mind-chatter to take hold and determine your future, it clouds your true purpose and prevents you from seeing what you’d love to do. Connect with your inner guidance and listen to your body’s need for silence, room and space.

You need mental freedom to connect with the feminine side of you that will create balance and joy in your life. Take some down time and create space to really get in touch with your internal spirit. Sonia suggested going to a pole dancing class or learning the trapeze to embrace your heart’s desires.

You can have all that your heart desires. You can live through love. You can lead a completely fulfilling life that emanates joy and sings the beauty of your spirit.

There was such a wonderful energy on this call and you really deserve to experience it. Click here to spend some time moving into your heart and listen to Sonia Choquette’s replay. Then, take a moment or two to realize how profoundly your life will change when you’re working with Sonia every day. Her special offer is designed to bring you into a life of love and passionate creativity – discover how to live through the light of your spirit.


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