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April 27th, 2010

Liberating Your Self with Guy Finley

Letting go… that was the topic of tonight’s call with the always enlightening Guy Finley on Healing with the Masters.

“Why do we hold on to the things that are dragging us through life?” Guy’s response, “Because we don’t realize we’re holding on.” So true. He said we’re too busy thinking about what others will think about us if we let go. We then get so caught up in worrying about others that we don’t “see” the situation.

Guy said it isn’t until the pain becomes too much that we let go. That wisdom comes from recognizing that we don’t have a life that’s present in the moment. We should move from protection and in to openness, and ask ourselves honestly, “what do we really want?”

In the end, we all want to be at peace with ourselves. Our relationships, in all their forms, will then become the catalysts to move us out of protection and into trusting that what we all deserve lies within us, and getting that everything in the moment is as it should be.

We find ourselves in good relationships and situations when we stop and listen to the best part of us that’s guiding us in those directions. If the best part of us doesn’t know what is good for us, we then create a new want.

A change in what we want will determine what we want… and nothing else.

A new want is when we understand that it has nothing to do with trying to become someone special… but the knowingness that everything we need will come to us. When we’re in true self-command, we’re aware of what we want from life before we give ourselves over to it (i.e. a bigger house, a thinner body, etc.).

When we’re troubled by someone, and we want to change how they are, what we really want is to change what bothers us. The only thing that troubles us about another person is what we want from them. When we’re resistant, we become attached, and what we should do is recognize that disturbances are simply introducing us to an aspect of ourselves that we weren’t aware of.

Sometimes when we’re looking to change someone, it could be because we don’t want them to leave us. We then approach that person from a place of fear rather than acceptance which will ultimately lead to them resenting us.

When we become mindful and aware of ourselves and what we want, then we become free.

Too often, we become selfish in our wants whenever we’re trying to change someone, and we’re blind to the conditions that lie within ourselves. It is only when we stop that we see the disturbances as opportunities for us to heal these conditions.

When we turn around and leave the relationship with the part of us (the condition), we then become LIBERATED!

How much time in our lives do we spend wishing something didn’t happen, including the “little things”? How many disturbances, how much life, have we missed?

When disturbances come along, they awaken in us a fleeting moment where we get to see in ourselves something that we weren’t aware of before the disturbance showed up.

We need to see disturbances as revelations of our character.

The great thing about seeing these conditions is we get to see that we’re being shown something about our character that’s co-creating our experience. This event is merely revealing the character; the character that was hidden away because of our avoidance of the conditions. Now, we have a new want, and we get to welcome the condition that revealed this disturbance in ourselves.

God is always revealing to us what we need to see and heal within ourselves.

Guy calls this moment, the presence moment, because it’s the expression of the Divine. These moments are always new, always harmonizing themselves, and although perfect, they’re never NOT perfecting themselves.

The revelation is the end of the false separation.

Have you ever wondered why it is when you’re in nature that your mind stops? Guy said that beauty is not outside of us, but the relationship between us and the expression of God (or insert your own word).

This was a really eye-opening call!. So much so, that this recap would be several paragraphs longer than it is! I’m serious! But don’t take my word for it… you have to listen to it yourself.

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