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May 25th, 2012

Live From Love and Create Your Life With Laurie Reyon

Our call with Laurie Reyon began by discussing ascension and what that means for everyone during this incredible time and year of 2012. Laurie and Master Cat Puddah are ascended beings who have remained in their physical forms to serve all of us and aide in humanity’s ascension.

As Laurie explained, we are actually experiencing the de-materialization of the Earth’s magnetic fields. While that sounds a bit heavy, we really have nothing to fear. In reality, this is an incredible time in history and we are all blessed to be able to experience it together. This has happened before – we are all limitless beings and are progressing through this time in order to return to a state of living from the heart.

One of the most common themes we’ve heard from so many of our speakers this season is the concept of returning to your heart and moving out of your mind. We all have dreams and aspirations and can get caught up in the wants of this world. Living from the heart enables you to let go of the ties that blind your path and make the decisions that will truly benefit your time here.

It is so much easier to choose love and light, live from joy, and be excited about the fact that you were chosen to live here, right now than to live in a place of darkness and disdain. So many other beings wanted to be here in your place but you were chosen and you have the opportunity to live a miraculous life. Moreover, what you think and feel, you bring into being. We all co-create together – even the fear and darkness in our lives. So, make the active decision to live from your heart and change your own vibration, erase the darkness and begin to change others.

One of the easiest ways to take back your life is to move into gratitude. Think about everything you have to be thankful for. Whether it’s something as simple as warm socks, or as profound as your ability to live on this Earth and express your dreams, be thankful and grateful. Love yourself and love the gifts that you’ve been given.

You came here to do so many things, meet people that will help you impact this world, and raise your vibration. Be who you came here to be and live from the place of resounding joy.

Laurie then explained that al of us have been in a state of amnesia. We’ve forgotten how powerful we truly are and becoming loving and raising your vibration plays such a significant role in raising the vibration of this entire planet.

Become the best possible emanation of light and walk through the tar without getting dirty.

Your impact is profound and people do notice. Become a conscious creator and know that you are making a notable change. If you have two adjacent rooms with a closed door between them – one full of warm beautiful light and the other completely dark, and you open the door, what happens? Both rooms are filled with light and your impact is now twice as profound.

Open your door to the world and let your light of love, joy and compassion shine through.

Laurie then shared a message of the Divine plan in action. They want each of us to focus on remembering more of who we really are. See yourself as a piece of the glowing star that you are. You are an expansive being existing in this human form – utilize that tool to benefit this world. There will come a time in the near future when you’ll remember your true origin and will ascend to a state of knowing the importance and significance of love

Focus your attention on light, love, gratitude, and joy. Be open to experiencing the power of light and don’t hesitate to raise your vibration. Speak with your guides, connect with the Angels watching over you, and embrace your purpose.

She also explained that May 5th marked the beginning of movement into a new 90-day template. We can now begin a life review without experiencing a near-death experience. You can create and manifest instantly. Make the choice to be love and you will experience the power of that purpose and the profoundly amazing effect is can have on your life. Live in your heart and feel your way through every situation. Stop trying to think and reason through decisions. Let your heart be your guide.

Forgive those around you, forgive yourself, and become non-reactive. Know that if you don’t love your life, you have the power and ability to change it.

Be love or don’t be love – you must make a conscious choice and claim your true power. We are all interconnected. The changes you make internally affect the rest of the world. Now is your time to move into your love. This is your chance to move into love. This is your opportunity to live the miraculous life of your dreams.

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