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May 27th, 2010

Living A Boundless Life with Bob Doyle

When you envision your life, do you see a bigger vision of yourself? Are you following your passion and sharing it? Are you living your life without boundaries or limits?

Boundless Living is what me and my guest tonight on Healing with the Masters, Bob Doyle, discussed at great length. When you’re living a life full of passion, your work then becomes about helping others really get what they really want… and this is just what Bob is doing. His work is about helping folks get clear about what they want and then putting those clear intentions into action.

But even Bob wasn’t always living a boundless life; it wasn’t until he stopped making excuses and starting taking action that his life became what we know today. The tools he learned and used were helpful for him in the beginning, but he now chooses to no longer rely on them as a means to getting what he wanted.

When you rob yourself of the resources that others can offer you, you also rob them of the value they can gain from you. We’ve been trained to think that we have to know all the answers right now, and we’ve gotten caught up in our need to know how our dreams are going to manifest. If we take baby steps, we find that we move towards what we want in our lives at a more natural and stress-free pace.

Like many of us, it was hard for Bob to get through the breakthrough point; the point of getting past his ego and letting The Universe guide him. Our egos are with us for a reason, but they can also keep us in fear of taking the next step towards our dreams. It’s only when we let go of our egos that we learn just how easy it is to overcome, or even conquer, this fear.

We’ve all heard that we need to be real and be authentic, but this doesn’t mean that we also need to be good and perfect all the time. Getting caught up in this mindset is what keeps us from fully expressing who we really are. When we’re not being real or authentic, we allow the thoughts, feelings, and ideals of others to influence us… even if we don’t agree with what they’re saying.

In these times, we find that we now have access to more tools to help us change ourselves at an energetic level; that we have more control over our experiences. As we melt away the resistance, authenticity will show up more in our lives.

Resistance is what stops us.

If others see your change as something they, too, want to experience, that’s great. If they don’t, know that it’s okay if they move on and out of your life. We need to stop living up to the expectations of others, and start moving with the cycles of The Universe. When we stop resisting life and start doing what we want, we begin to see that things become fun and effortless… which is how this wonderful, juicy journey is supposed to be.

Being to imagine and feel your life is full and the people and resources that you need will show up. With these simple steps, you can begin releasing the resistance right now, and living a boundless life today! Always know that what comes to you… is The Law of Attraction.

  • Be clear on what you don’t want.
  • Write down what you do want.
  • Experience your desire already fulfilled by paying attention to your emotions.

Fulfillment comes from being who you are and nowhere else.

Having Bob as my last guest was truly a fitting end to another amazing season, and I can’t wait to hang out with him again!

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