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May 18th, 2010

Living Abundantly with Mary A. Hall

“You are worthy of having wonderful things come into your life. You are a beautiful being of light.”

I am often in awe whenever I am with tonight’s guest on Healing with the Masters, my friend and soul sister, Mary A. Hall. She has made a profound impact on my life, and she came into my life when I needed guidance… when I really needed to be seen.

Mary, more often than not, resonates from her heart, and whenever she is in the presence of someone else, she doesn’t see them as the physical being that they are… she sees them for who they really are which is a Divine being of light and love.

Like every call, Mary holds the intention and resonates from her heart; she expands that energy to every individual listening whether it’s live or on the replay. She discovered an energy healing system that leverages the pure healing energy of “love” called H.E.A.R.T. (Heart Energy Application Resonance Technique). Through this system, Mary is able to access the pure and primary essence of love energy. She can then guide this energy into our blocks, dis-ease, pain, and dysfunction to create a new field of possibilities; enabling tissues, cells, and beliefs to shift into a new form.

Mary and I could feel the love energy resonating very strongly which was considerably stronger than calls from previous seasons. It’s because people are being who they are which has caused the vibration to increase exponentially.

Mary’s coaching program isn’t linear; it’s more of an experiential aspect of finding what abundance or love feels like. In this culture, we haven’t been taught to feel what’s already here for us; the love that’s within us. The more we learn to experience love, the more it will expand. It’s also okay if we don’t feel love in the moment. Again, many of us have been trained to disconnect from who we are.

Mary used a tuning fork reference to describe the energy on tonight’s call. Imagine 1,000 tuning forks resonating at the same frequency and one fork is hit really strongly. It will cause the others to vibrate even more. Because of everyone resonating at the same frequency, the energy moved beyond the individual space, and expanded outward into our homes, or wherever we were. When we resonate strongly from our hearts, that energy is so strong, it can only expand and positively affect what’s around us.

Notice – Pay attention – Marvel in the energy

When we’re resonating in the beautiful heart energy, life will show up. Callers gave us some interesting examples of what they were feeling in this moment. Everything that isn’t joy or love will show up for us to acknowledge and recognize. These things are our limiting beliefs, and they show up for a reason. They show up so we can see them and move through them.

An important thing to remember is that whenever love is sparked from within us, we need to know that it is us that is in the resonance of love activated. Someone else didn’t give us love because it was already there… in us. When we go into our minds, we disconnect from our hearts… where all things happen. Again, abundance is within all of us!

What happens when we’re not feeling love in the moment, when anger, sadness, or apathy pops up? Well, we get to see that these are simply patterns that we’ve resonated from quite often in our past. Generally, when anger shows up, it does so as a protection mechanism. Your heart is saying, “Yes… I am love”, but your mind could be saying, “Wait a minute!That’s not right because so-so did this to me, so how can I feel love right now?”.

Most of our beliefs originate from thoughts, but our thoughts are not who we are. We’re not used to resonating from deep love, so old patterns, thoughts, and beliefs show up, and give us pause and even cause doubt.

Mary suggested we try to be in the moment, hold the space, and let go. Allow our hearts to control how we feel right now, not our minds.

The rest of this call was just as profound and beautiful, and if you missed the replay, you can still upgrade. This way, you can experience this call as often as you like.

Mary is also offering a really wonderful life changing set of products tonight at a marked reduction in price. First, her renowned Creating An Abundant Life Program, a set of 24 CDs or 17 Mp3s for abundance creating where she coaches you into the energy signature of abundance. This program is the leading system I have seen to date to really take you to a new level of understanding and creation. NEXT, her profound healing sessions from MasterWorks Healing Membership site where she guides you in over 30 sessions on multiple topics. This one JUST ROCKS. Even the audio editor commented on how profound this CD/Mps set was.

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