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December 19th, 2012

Love The World as You Love Yourself

We were joined by Kenji Kumara who brought the same graceful and peace-inspiring energy as the last time we had the pleasure of speaking with him.
He began by sharing that we’re presently in a gateway and have an opening for all who are ready to take their next step.

WOW. Just take some time and listen to this call, follow along with the guidance that Kenji offers and feel your energy SHIFT immediately.
Tonight, the veil is very thin and has created a shift-inspiring point that makes it a quick and gentle transition.

Kenji jumped right into speaking with wonderful people who sought their personal development and offered some beautiful simplicity and direct routes to healing.
Listen in and settle down with the warm embrace of these loving energies.

Remember, love the world as you love yourself and embrace the beauty in hugs, smiles, and laughter.


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