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May 29th, 2012

Make a Difference in Your Own Unique Way With Mary A Hall

We had such a fantastic time speaking with Mary A Hall and wound up receiving so much love and peace as a result! From the get-go, Mary explained that she was not always the amazing intuitive healer she is now. She grew up not really knowing who she was and spent so much of her time trying to fit into life.

In order to discover her true identity, she began sitting with her sacred text and focused on writing what came up. Eventually, she heard a resounding “Fear not, I am with you,” and realized she could come back to that space of opening, asking, and receiving for divine  guidance.

As she grew more and progressed through life, she continued to return to this process of getting to know herself through Source. Ultimately, the question she was holding caused everything she thought she was to fall away. She felt a calling to share her heart with the world and although she was startled, eventually saw a path to do so.

Her life’s purpose came as a direct result of asking Spirit what to do next.

The resulting process has consistently allowed her to hear a divine message. When you hold a question in your being and offer it up, Spirit comes rushing in. You get to experience yourself in an entirely new way and see that there is so much more love, passion, and support than you ever realized. Move into a place of opening and allow whatever comes forward to do so without judgment. Don’t require anything of what you hear and it will serve you so much more profoundly.

Step out of the way and just listen.

Move past the mind chatter that keeps you in this human thinking-realm. Something will come forward that is so encoded with beautiful expression that you will know it is a result of your direct connection between your heart and the Divine. When you do, the mind will be amazed at the result.

You’ve been called to make a difference in your own unique way.

You, as an individual have a profoundly unique connection to Source that was designed to provide you with an amazing experience and literally change the world.

Even the act of trying to hear gets in the way of just being and listening. Simply hold the space of just noticing and being. The beat of your hear is calling you back to silence, wholeness, and is jut longing you to reconnect with Spirit and Source.

Your heart is the connection to abundance, love, peace, and trusting harmony in this life.

Stop all worry and come home to you. Meet Spirit here, in your heart and embrace the love and support you were born to receive.

This conversation with Mary was truly overflowing with love. She led everyone through the writing process that started her own transition into seeing who she was to become and continued to open our eyes with poetry that was surely inspired by the Divine.

Set aside some time to collect yourself and listen to this replay – you can’t help but become a new person. Follow along with Mary to write your own message from Source, open the window, and breathe in the winds of divine loving purpose. Then, embrace the next step to your own evolution and step into Mary’s special offer, HERE. It’s available at a truly unreal price and won’t remain there for long. Give your heart the attention it deserves, regain your connection to Source, and begin having making the change you were created for.

You are the master. No one knows you better than you, and no one is more uniquely qualified to transform your life, than you. You can light up the world; Mary is here to guide you there.


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