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July 10th, 2014

Mary A Hall’s Welcome Back to Love, REPLAY

This show was BEYOND POWERFUL as Mary held the template of possibility for reaching a new octave of loving wholeness and abundance.

We created the space for serious progress across all areas of our lives and released the barriers preventing us from experiencing the many different levels of love that are always available to support our highest goodness.

Mary delivered huge breakthroughs in understanding the invaluable lessons of gracing another with their path and fully accepting our own path so that we may fully return to and live in love.

These radiant frequencies of lovelight abundance flowed into a beautiful Q&A session where we saw ourselves through the eyes of love and allowed every aspect of our being to come out of the shadows and be seen, appreciated, acknowledged and embraced.

Beautiful, immeasurable expansion awaits your being on this one. Get ready to move into a whole different octave of being…

Listen to the replay HERE:

Mary has put together quite an astonishing offer for us… In fact, it’s been more than FIVE years since she has offered live coaching, so this opportunity to work with her and reach whole new levels of abundance and healing – and a new octave of love – is EXTREMELY RARE. AND, THIS is her newest content, containing the highest vibrating paths to wholeness.

This two-part offer includes FIVE weeks of live, group-coaching calls with Mary (11 calls total) accompanied by 30 days of remote healing and abundance energy to support you in this new field of love – promoting healing and abundance. PLUS, a pre-program containing 60 days of remote healing energies along with 5 healing/processing audios will get you completely READY for the coaching program!

The potent energies, frequencies and vibrations found in this OFF-THE-CHARTS program are what allowed me to really heal in my life. This is unquestionably one of her most powerful programs ever…

If you are being called to this unique opportunity to work directly with Mary, then please check out this very limited, life-changing offer.

Get ready to connect with and activate the gifts already within and flourish far beyond your wildest, most beautiful imagination.


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