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September 23rd, 2015

Mary Hall’s Palpable Replay

Yesterday’s show with the brilliant Mary A Hall led us to create a new template of ourselves as we were lovingly held in the palpable field of creation energy.

A powerful workshop guided us to step into our stillness, where we comforted the mind, replenished the soul, connected to the depth of the stars and returned to the deepest truth of who we are as infinite creators.

We learned that the sacred place before thought is where we exist and, through this new lens, we can honor every aspect of where we came from yet see, feel and know our access to infinite possibilities in every moment — no matter its appearance.

From shedding lack, scarcity, worry and confusion, to noticing and, therefore, strengthening what is in favor of us right now, we moved into and embodied our truth energy of knowing we are freedom, we are choice and we know exactly what to do

Because the universe is a benevolent, supportive, gracious, friendly, welcoming, nurturing force of abundance.

Listen to the replay HERE (use the password healing to access it) and experience what our listeners describe as “an elegant levitation of the soul that instantly revealed and liberated me from self-limiting habits,” “a beautiful recognition AND ignition of the gifts, resources and power that has always been within,” and ”a new state of knowing that will allow me to sleep soundly and wake with purpose and intent.”

And, if you’re ready to open to the ultimate universal flow of abundance and fully integrate it into your being, Mary’s BRAND NEW, exclusive special offer will help you clear all barriers to receiving and immediately and gracefully connect you with the flow of abundance.

Click HERE to check out Mary’s amazing technology (it literally transformed my life), activate the truth within, bathe in the most profound and powerful, pure creation energies and shift into the limitless abundance you deserve.


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