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October 27th, 2011

Maureen Moss – Authenticity & the Power of Self-Love

The energy of this call was off the charts as Maureen Moss held us in a beautiful and sacred space of self-love tonight, on Healing With The Masters.

She guided us through powerful processes and prayers, releasing the stories that we’ve been holding about ourselves, which are out of alignment with the higher vibrational energy the Universe is moving into.

We have an unparalleled opportunity, never before given to human beings as a collective to move from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. That alone is miraculous. In order to make that leap from the consciousness we’ve been living in for 26,000 years, we must raise our vibration.

The highest vibration of love is to understand something that 98% of human nature doesn’t understand, and that is Self-Love. For humans, the state of love has always been a state of separation. Because we don’t know how to love ourselves, we cannot possibly know how to love another nor to understand Oneness, which is exactly the 5th Dimensional bandwidth of energy that we are moving up into.

But, how do we turn loose the love onto ourselves?

One of the reasons we have failed at love so often is that we haven’t been living authentically. Everything that is done from a place of inauthenticity is out of integrity, out of alignment with our Higher Self. We are being asked, right now, to take off all the masks that we have worn in this and every other lifetime because it’s not natural to live behind a mask. When we are not living naturally we are not living authentically, and if we are not living authentically, how can we know what love is?

To know love, we must first find out what it is to love ourselves. Not in a pampering way, but in a way that moves us past patterns, traits and behaviors that we’ve been holding onto for ions. We must focus inward. Maureen shared that each time she gets over something that she has been holding onto, be it a perfection pattern, the need for righteous indignation, resentment, anger, being disturbed, etc., each time she has risen above herself, and found a new level of respect for herself. This can happen for all of us. We can like ourselves and be proud of ourselves. It is then that we will start moving on to loving ourselves.

We humans live with an underlying feeling of not being good enough. Did you know that you were chosen to come down to this planet at the most incredible, fortuitous time in human history? And, that beings of light literally stood in line wanting to take on an “earth suit” because the experience of this time would be unparalleled? Not everyone could come! Everyone that is here was chosen, but not everyone will choose to come into alignment with his or her authentic nature. You are good enough. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here.

If your life were about to become all that you’ve ever dreamed of, what would you be required to do right now to prepare yourself authentically? If you knew you could never have the life you dreamed of, because you weren’t authentic, what would you have to do to prepare yourself to be authentic? Is there some “unplugging” from the old ways that you have to do? Some upgrading or refining in order to get authentic and prepare to step into that life that’s there for you?

Heaven’s not coming to earth by some magic wave of a wand. It’s coming to you, through you… because of what you’ve risen up to be… who you have stabilized yourself to be.

Where we are headed is a brand new life. A SEA OF INFINITE PROBABILITY. What we have called magic, grace and blessings are just going to be there. We have the opportunity to be standing on holy ground, and when we stand on holy ground, everything holy happens.

It’s not going to happen unless we’re vibrating high enough. We must clear ourselves of the dense energies we’ve been holding onto, in order to be able hold the light.

In the stillness ask, “Dear God, what do I need to know?” Then, listen. Let the answer come to you. As you make more room inside the incredible human template that your soul is housed in, the heart of God is housed inside of, the more you will be able to hear the answers that you need to hear for you, and the more you will be reset into the ocean of light that is going to be flooding us beginning on 11/11/11, like we’ve never known before.

This was an incredible call, with incredible invocations and clearings that are activated in the replay for anyone who listens. Everyone who is here was chosen, but not everyone who was chosen will choose to come into alignment with his or her authentic nature.

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