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September 30th, 2015

Miraculous Healing & Restoration ~ Debora Wayne’s Replay

Debora Wayne delivered profound healing that yielded recognition and subsequent release of lifetimes of limiting patterns.

We shed the old mentality that suffering and sacrifice must occur in order for happiness to exist and learned to fully live life and express our gifts without feeling guilt.

A miraculous, guided process enabled us to receive clear messages from our physical body about the root cause of pain, suffering, upset and dis-ease…

And Debora’s infusion of potent, palpable energy healed and restored our energetic fields.

Click HERE to listen to the replay (use the password healing to access the replay) and move into a profound state of consciousness as Debora leads you through a series of processes using her own Biofield Healing modality, opening you to new levels of peace, presence and whole-being healing.

And, if you’re ready to work DIRECTLY with Deborah to finally release and resolve your toughest life challenges, her powerful, LIVE healing program will guide you to create the vibrant health, abundance, emotional stability and spiritual presence you’ve always wanted.

Click HERE to check out her special offer and prepare to step into your healthiest, most vibrant, empowered and spiritually-connected Self AND meet a supportive community of like-minded, health conscious, spiritually-awakened people.


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