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December 20th, 2012

Move Into Your Heart Center With Rikka Zimmerman

This is the final call in this 10th Healing With The Masters series and it’s so great that we were able to spend it growing and shifting with Rikka Zimmerman. We’ve all grown so much this year and it’s not over yet.

This final call of the season started with a process to prep each and every one of us for the days that follow.

Once you’re ready and open to the energy and vibrations of this call and this time, RIGHT NOW, there is such a beautiful transition that follows.

Acknowledge YOU and the wonderful power that you carry.
You hold the key to the universe and YOU are the beautiful gift that humanity has been waiting for.

Move into your heart center with Rikka, grow as a community, and progress into the most miraculous and beautiful version of all that you are.

This time is yours. These changes are inspired by and designed for you.
You are your own unique vibrational bridge – connect with these universal vibrations and break down the barriers that keep us apart.
Merge with humanity and serve your highest purpose as a united force for Peace and Love.


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